God Hand (ntscus) (ps2) [Any %] [Segmented] [Easy]
Run Information
Completion Date Nov. 7, 2016
State Rejected
Segments 53
Internal Comments:
Comment State Information Checkpoint None

This run was captured using a DVC-100 and Pinnacle Studio straight from a PS2 slim. It is done in 53 segments.

The in-game final time is 1:07:53, however the internal timer is known to be a bit off which gives little else to compare to.

I have encoded LQ/MQ/HQ/IQ versions of the run with Yua and have embedded audio commentary myself. I have run the scripts to disable extraneous audio tracks for increased compatibility. The files can be provided at any time.

For reference, the run can be found in extreme LQ on my Youtube channel (note that these are the product of running the raw captures through Windows Movie Maker and straight into Youtube, they are not indicative of the encoded quality):


The Youtube videos are "as-is", they have no notes or commentary and they will be removed from Youtube upon request or if the run is accepted. They simply exist for reference if needed.

General strategy notes and individual segment breakdowns are provided in the comments file.

I also have an "outtake reel" of various flubs, falters and God Hand just being God Hand available as well (currently on my channel, can also be encoded if needed).

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