Phantasy Star Online (ntscus) (gcn/xbox) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Class: Ranger] [0:53:47]
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Completion Date Feb. 11, 2014
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Runner 'Ckarl Bobadine'
Tag Class: Ranger
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Run Comments

Timing starts when a character is created or re-created.

I used RAcast for glitched runs because of his high ATP stat (Attack Power) and his ability to use all projectile type weapons as a ranger. He can equip sabers at level 1 which is important for a glitch that is used. The name used is specific for getting a specific color ID. Purplenum is the color ID chosen because of the drop rates for the weapons Mechguns and Shot which are helpful if obtained. Any color ID can be used, but I have the best luck with Purplenum.

Starting off, I skip speaking to The Principal by opening the chat menu right after the game loads.

Duping Meseta glitch and Weapon Stacking glitch go smoothly.

Duping Meseta gives you lots of money and Weapon Stacking allows you to hold a bunch of weapons at the same time. Each weapon equipped increases your damage. Only the last weapon equipped is used for attacking.

Grab antidotes to feed my mag and head to the teleporter. Feeding my mag at the beginning of the run is important because I need 2 ATA (Attack Accuracy) when I get to the Ruins for the off-chance that I find a Shot before Ruins 2.

As far as I know, the maps for each level are chosen at random. Maps for each level have different enemy spawns and different layouts. I hope for layouts that are relatively short. Differences between long and short maps range from minutes to seconds. All map times are compared to the shortest map I have encountered for each level.



Forest 1: Nothing much to say about the Forests. Start off with a long map. +1 min

Forest 2: Continued with another long map. +20 sec

Dragon: Pretty standard fight, nothing goes wrong.



Caves 1: You'll see that I switch between weapons here frequently. I prefer using a handgun for enemies and switch to the rifle if the enemies are farther out. +0 sec

Caves 2: There are rooms here that have multiple enemy waves spawning. Not all enemies need to be cleared for the door to open. Also, I mess with symbol chat during long boring walks through hallways. Tops hats are fancy. +0 sec

Caves 3: Nothing much to say here. +0 sec

De Rol Le: This jerk is a joke with Weapon Stacking. I used the rifle for this fight because the rifle has an additional 10% damage against A-Beast type enemies.



Mines 1: I lost hope when I recognized this map. Started off wasting time trying to use Rifle range to my advantage; I didn't get close enough to agro the Canadine at first. I start searching weapon boxes for Mechguns here. Mechguns wreak havoc on bosses, but aren't necessary. Find 2 scape dolls which allow me to be more reckless. +2 mins

Mines 2: I contemplated resetting at this point, but pressed onward. Replaced my Rifle with a Sniper with good dark% damage. Sadly, I didn't find any Mechguns. Not that big of a deal though. +40 sec

Vol Opt: Attacking the monitors in the first phase is harder than it looks, with the angle, the auto aim seemingly chooses a screen at random most of the time; I got lucky. Second phase is easier than the first.



Ruins 1: I start checking weapon boxes for Mechguns and Shots. I waste time checking an Autogun that I thought might have had Dark % damage. I do find a Shot right at the end of the map which allows me to clear large clusters of enemies very quickly. +2 mins.

Ruins 2: Getting this map saves the run and I start it with running in the wrong direction unintentionally. With Weapon Stacking, having too many weapons equipped makes your current weapon not load which affects weapons that shoot more than one bullet not work right (Shot and Mechguns). I take a moment to fix that bug so my Shot doesn't misfire. +0 sec.

Ruins 3: Race against time at this point, but not too worried about dying though. I have 2 scape dolls and the only thing that can 1 shot me is a Chaos Sorcerer, that is, if I let them attack. MAGESOPPLSNERF. +50 sec.

Dark Falz: Walk into position before starting phase 1. Having Mechguns would save a few seconds in the first phase. It would also save a few seconds in the second phase as long as Dark Falz floats in place.


Timing ends when the screen fades to black right before the credits.
My time for this run is 54:31. With good map luck, about 3-4 minutes could be saved.
With only the shortest maps, the time could be 48:xx.