The Godfather: The Game (pal) (ps3) [Any %] [Segmented]
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Completion Date Feb. 3, 2014
State Rejected
Segments 6
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This is the Godfather Don's edition not to be confused with the original Godfather the game.

Objectives required to unlock all story missions is own at least 3 rackets and complete 4 contract hit list. Few story missions unlock after certain time has passed which I use to collect as much money possible. I buy safe houses to replenish ammo as well in order to fast travel through using phones which saves time.

Timing starts once I pressed the X button at the briefing screen before the 1st mission titled Welcome to the Family and ends once the tasks are completed for the last mission titled Baptism by Fire. manually timed run at an estimate of 3 hrs 54 mins 29 secs. Segmented in to 6 parts.

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