Mighty Final Fight (ntscus) (nes) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Character: Guy] [0:14:52]
Run Information
Completion Date Oct. 24, 2013
State Published
Runner Sean 'MURPHAGATOR!' Murphy
Tag Character: Guy
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Run Comments

I finished Guy a couple months after Cody, partially due to it being more difficult to play efficiently with him since his standing string is terrible. Jumping straight up and using the knee attack over and over, with a few strikes to manage health when completely necessary, and then killing enemies with the 3rd hit of Guy's knee bash throw is necessary for grinding EXP. Guy's level 4 special attack is a double kick which is not terribly useful, but he does have a unique flying kick move done by jumping backwards and attacking at the correct time. Guy requires the least EXP to reach level 6, which is the entirety of the reason he ended up with a faster time than Cody. The damage each character does essentially doubles at level 6, and means I no longer need to manage enemies health for throw finishes.

Guy is also the only character with a particularly useful weapon, the throwing stars do decent damage and can be used to attack enemies long before I'd be able to get to them anyways, meaning the time loss other characters suffer from their weapons knocking enemies down doesn't really come into play for him.

Like the other runs, a big part of the game is just rolling against the game's pretty extreme RNG, with random food drops for EXP, and random spawns coming from random sides of the screen with random health, so some mistakes just have to be tolerated in order to finish the game.