Dune 2000 (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level] [Easy] [1:32:50]
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Completion Date April 1, 2012
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Runner 'Shaokhan'
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I have uploaded the missions on easy and hard difficulty here:


It was not meant for this site in the first place, so I can imagine there are possible issues like the start and finish time.

I can provide the encoded files before they were uploaded on youtube or completely re-do whole run or any part. I also have whole campaigns in one video. I would just need some feedback if there is interest for this, then what exactly needs to be done and of course if these are good runs at all for this page.

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Run Comments

For most later missions it is important to get good map control - for easy enemy attack ambushing and for dealing with worms and ensuring the harvesters are safe to have a steady economy. When having superior army - attack harvesters in spice, it might lure out more units from enemy base and will have easier to defeat defense.

Most of the time, concrete is not neccessary as not building it saves time and allows to get other buildings faster. Concrete can help against airstrikes, but it might as well be better to restart the game until the key airstrike hits nearly nothing. However, windtrap concrete is a must as otherwise it would give half the power and would need to build 2 of them or annoyingly repair them all the time.

Generally, it is good to let tanks die rather than harvesters, even as far as worm eating units goes. If the worm eats 3 units, it disappears for couple minutes, it is much better to lose 3 tanks than 3 harvesters. This description is aimed at the hard difficulty, but largely applies to the easy difficulty as well.

First 5 missions for Atreides are possible to finish very quickly even on hard difficulty due to exploiting how the missions were set up. Since mission 6 it becomes complicated so there is a need for good macro / micro.

Mission 1

Pretty straightforward mission objective. Get 2500 credits. The trick here is to sell the Construction yard that yiealds a lot of cash. Selling Wind trap helps also, but not so much. Selling the Refinery will not help as it works like silo, therefor it would release the cash.

Mission 2

They key here is to attack as soon as possible while not losing all units in the attack and simultaneously pumping production from barracks. Getting light factory units or refinery is too much of a delay.

Mission 3

The goal here is to mine 5000 credits. So selling the yard applies here as well. There needs to be enough silos to store 5000, it can be done with either 2 refineries or refinery and silo.

In map version 1 the main key is to defend the attacks and also to deal damage to the worm so it stops eating units and be a threat to the harvester, which would make a huge delay if the worms eats it. If this is all successfull, then there is a tiny window to finish emptying the harvester. The remaining units can be used as bait to take damage for the refinery to survive. This way no units need to be built and therefor no cash spent.

On map version 2 the worm is not so much of a threat and the reinforcements are not so deadly, so the mission is much simpler to manage.

Mission 4

This mission was a bit poorly designed imho, because you can wipe enemy base with start units even on hard difficulty. It is also good to not forget the units that are put on the map at the start and do not move until all structures are destroyed (i.e. the trike at top left)

Mission 5

This mission can take enormly long time if normal units are built. However the start units for this mission are enough to bait attention so the engineers can pass to capture barracks, which is the only victory condition.

Mission 6

In these missions I find it key to get fast economy advantage to get a constant unit production and attacking at the right time, which means to get enough units so you can trade the units effectively and to also have enough to rush in the base. It can be very dangerous, because the AI can easily overwhelm you and you need to reset the game, considering the use of full game speed. A lot of luck can also make difference, i.e. worm going to enemy bases and eating enemy harvs instead of own. Units will inevitably die, so constant production is more important than trying to get perfect unit exchanges.

Mission 7

See Atr mission 6

Mission 8

In this mission player gets quite some units to start with, so technically even on hard difficulty one of the smaller bases can be taken out. Key structures to kill are the production ones as they will not get rebuilt and the rest of the buildings can be cleaned up later. Keeping that start sonic is good, because it does a lot of damage, especially to infantry. Then it is good to ensure economic production and proceed into 3 heavy and light factory production (max). At that point, it is good to kill the easier red base and prepare as many units possible in a good spot to kill efficiently the nearly infinite flow of Ordos units from the last base. Once that is cleaned up, proceed in the base before units are rebuilt again.

Mission 9

Version 1 got split spots, which makes it very difficult to manage, map control is the key - fast units(tanks) are required. I found it good to mine some spice from the top base first and then get some additional from bottom. Starting straight up from bottom with harvestering spice is safer, but might require very early need for caryalls, which are not really viable so early. The key is to get some harvs at the start and then proceed into 3 factory production and keeping the refinery production for additional harvesters and to add caryalls later on. When the AI attacks they go typically for refineries, way to maintain map control is to squish the infantry and when the armies are inside eachother, just press guard. As the AI has typically less units, it will be very efficient trade. Enough army for attack can be determined by having efficient trades as the AI sends units out of the base. The ideal time for attack is after an attack of AI as their base will be more empty.

Version 2 has 2 advantages - one is own bases are much closer and the other is the possibility of wiping first base with the start units which helps with dealing of the attacks and reduces enemy production.

Atreides Mission 1 (Top) [0:00:58]
Atreides Mission 1 (Bottom) [0:00:58]
Atreides Mission 2 (Top) [0:01:42]
Atreides Mission 2 (Bottom) [0:02:42]
Atreides Mission 3 (Top) [0:02:05]
Atreides Mission 3 (Bottom) [0:02:16]
Atreides Mission 4 [0:01:57]
Atreides Mission 5 [0:01:26]
Atreides Mission 6 (Left) [0:08:46]
Atreides Mission 6 (Right) [0:09:13]
Atreides Mission 7 [0:12:56]
Atreides Mission 8 [0:13:10]
Atreides Mission 9 (Left) [0:21:21]
Atreides Mission 9 (Right) [0:13:20]