Eye of the Beholder (ntscus) (snes) [Any %] [Single Segment] [0:12:12]
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Completion Date Dec. 7, 2013
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Runner Jay 'DeMoNFLiP84' Cabasag
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Run Comments

First off I want to give a big thank you to SDA for giving me the opportunity to do this speedrun. Also for giving me time to resubmit a better run when I requested it. So thank you! You guys are amazing at what you do! Shout outs to, Daniel Enright, for inspiring me to do this run. I've been a long time EOB player! So here's to ya!

To start things off, the controls in this game are pretty awful and the movement is sluggish for the most part. Most of the time I'm trying not to overshoot my movements when I navigating through the labyrinth so expect to see some errors. Also I would like to add that the monsters in this game are pretty random when it comes to HP. Some monsters have way too much HP than normal and will just stand there and absorb a lot of damage before dying. My main idea for this run is trying to go all the way without relying on stronger weapons. Since the good weapons are sort of out of the way during the run, I will just have to use what I've got and go for broke.

About my party, my main attackers are two Elf Rangers! They will provide duel wielding melee action trying to deal at the maximum damage output. For my 1st Ranger I focused on rolling stats for STR. I accidentally reroll some decent stats for STR but eventually I ended up with a better one at STR 18/92. Same idea for my 2nd Ranger, I ended up rolling with STR 18/17 (which it's better than nothing). Having a Cleric is mandatory for this run mainly for the spell Empower for the +1 Bonus to Hit with the longest spell duration in the game. I focused on rolling stats for HP and ended up with HP 23. Lastly is the Mage for providing that extra bit of damage when using the Wand of Fireball, nothing else. Since the Mage have the lowest HP in the class, I focused on rolling stats for HP and ended up with HP 17 (which is above average HP for Mage).

I use Control Type A since it's easier to navigate with during this run. Control Type B is meant to be played along with the Mouse.

At the start of this run I prepared my party by setting up weapons for my Rangers and learning spells for only my Cleric. Spells for Cleric I put it towards having 2 Empower & 2 Cure Light Wounds for healing (just in case). I had the Mage carry all the Daggers for easy access for later in the run. At this point I only required one more dagger drop and a one-handed weapon drop for my 2nd Ranger. Also I will need to get the Potion of Giant Strength in level 2 to use for later.

The runs through the levels should be the fastest route that I'm taking unless someone knows a faster way.

Levels 1-3 are fairly easy to navigate through. A few lesser monsters to deal with along the way but shouldn't be a problem. However the monsters can still troll you due to the monster's randomness in HP.

Entering level 4, I didn't have luck getting a weapon drop back in level 3. So I picked up Taghor for his Axe and dropping him from the party just so my 2nd Ranger can have 2 weapons at hand. I fell in the pit because it's the biggest jump through level 5 without having to use any keys for the doors. You'll end up falling in the hidden area of the Dwarf Clan in level 5. Then I head on over to the portal which takes me to level 7.

Then teleporting from level 7 to level 9...

In level 9, I sacrifice the Stone of Dagger to open up a new path leading to level 10. In the area you'll find the Wand of Fireball for the Mage to use. Also you'll run into a Rust Monster that eats anything that is metal so you have to watch out or you might lose a weapon. Afterwards I open the Inventory Screen of my Mage for easy access to my 3 daggers later in level 10.

Level 10 is the scariest level in the run because of the Mantis Warriors. They are tough to fight against and they can paralyze your party fast! Here I tried to go through the level quick before they can actually get into position and block my path. I had to grab the 2nd Potion of Giant Strength to use for later before taking my fall through the pit and into level 11.

At the start of level 11 I had to Rest and then recast Empower and having the Rangers drink the potions for Double Damage against the Xorns and the Mind Flayer in this level. Here I tried not to take too much damage from the monsters while navigating through the labyrinth of level 11. This is the critical part of the run. You don't want to rest ever or you will lose the buff for Giant Strength.

Level 12 is the final level in the game. My party still has a good amount of health going in and I still have my buffs to fight against the Stone Guardians. I was lucky enough to run into the room filled with Stone Golems and I had to face only one of them right before the door. Afterwards it was all easy for me.

Xanathar, the end boss of this game, is very easy to beat. Easy way is to lure the beholder into the trap room and then make it go into the trap and then boxing him in for the instant kill. Normally you suppose to use the Wand of Silvias to push Xanathar into the trap. Instead I use the strafing trick on him which makes any monsters wonder off on their own. In Xanathar's case, he wondered into his own death trap! Watch the beholder's blood and guts fly as he's being impaled but the spikes!

THE END! The people of Waterdeep are saved!

I hope you guys enjoy my run. Thanks for watching!