Resident Evil 4 (ntscus) (gcn) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Normal] [New Game+] [1:46:59]
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Completion Date Nov. 7, 2013
State Obsolete
Tag New Game+
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First off I'd like to say that Resident Evil 4 is one of my top 5 games ever and if I had to choose a game to be known for, this would probably be it. I want to thank God for watching over this run and being with me everyday, you are the man! I want to thank my friends and family for the support and watching my streams of this game, and to all the fans/viewers out there that I have become friends with through this ordeal, thanks for everything! Also, a shout out to Theenglishman who, after watching his AGDQ run of this game, inspired me to learn how to run this game and have a goal to beat! And one more shout out to B11ZZ4RD for watching pretty much every stream I have ever done! =)

P.S. I hate Ashley

Now about the run:

First of all, this is not the World Record time. On 02/11/14, I got a 1:43:30, which is the new WR. When recording this run however, the time I was trying to beat was Tim Brights run of 1:59:07 (obviously), but the time I was really trying to beat was Theenglishman's time of 1:47:52.  After my run was over, I found out that there was a run faster than his done by Stormhenry with a time of 1:47:36, but I beat that one as well  =P. This was done with the GameCube NTSC version of the game. I played it on a Wii with component cables for the best quality I could get and recorded it in 480p with my Elgato Game Capture HD. I only do Single-Segments runs of RE4, because I believe it takes more skill to do so, and due to this it is harder to get a perfect run. I had tried many times over 3 days to get a good run, but I kept screwing up and restarting. Then, on 11/07/2013 I turned on my Wii, let the intro of developers roll, and loaded my game. On my first try of the night, I got the run I needed! Maybe not completely perfect and the way I wanted it, but I beat the goal I wanted to beat, so I kept it! I can definitely improve this run and I am really stoked about the time I got. For have only been speedrunning this game for about 2 months now, I can say I am super proud of what I have accomplished! =D

I chose to run the GameCube NTSC version because first off I live in America and secondly it's the version I played when I was younger. I know that the PAL, Japanese, and HD remakes are faster, but nobody pays tribute to the original American version, so I decided to. I will run the HD version later, but the NTSC version will always be the nostalgic one for me and holds a special place in my heart.

Here is a list of glitches/tricks that I used in my run (I copied and pasted some of Tomi Salo because his explanations were really good):

The Ditman Glitch - The most important glitch in Resident Evil 4. Equip the Striker, press R and quickly press Y to go into the inventory before the laser reticule shows up. Then switch to another weapon and Leon does everything about 1.5x faster. though. The Ditman glitch gets canceled on almost every occasion. Here's a list of things that cancel it: Opening a door, taking damage, guarding an explosion, climbing a ladder (non-vertical), cutscenes, entering a new area, Get On/Kick/Crouch action commands and aiming/shooting with the Striker.

Waterfall Glitch - This one was used in 2-1. You have to be at the right angle to jump down behind the fence and get the key item without deactivating the waterfall.

Red Zealot Headshot - Using the fully upgraded rifle you can pop the Red Zealot in 3-2 and kill him immediately, skipping the chase down that usually follows.

TMP Glitch - Using the TMP equipped with Stock, you can shoot through doors to break locks on the other side. This was used in 3-1 to skip the Hedge Maze section and also in 4-1 to get the Queen's Grail quicker.

Floating Glitches - I used the Salazar float glitch in 4-4 to skip the boss fight and the Island Float Glitch in 5-1 to skip a big part of a chapter. These glitches require the Ditman Glitch to be active and you have to jump down on a certain spot causing Leon to float in the air.

Laser Room Skip - It is possible to go through most of the lasers in 5-3 so you won't waste any time with the dodge animations. It's unclear how this glitch really works but you have to switch the weapon, touch the right wall or stop at the exact moment causing the lasers go through you without dodging them.

Pause Trick - If you pause the game, the time you spend in the pause menu will be excluded from the total time. I abused that so I can buffer/cloak the loading times in the pause menu so I won't lose that time when I am entering the inventory with higher loading times. That was used in 1-1, 1-3, 2-1 and 6-1.

Difficulty Adjustment - Everything affects the difficulty on normal. Your health, amount of retries, accuracy, deaths and so on. The game can get drastically easier/faster with the proper difficulty adjustments. That was used on the gondola before The Big Cheese fight to make the Snipers in 3-1 not spawn.


Now I am going to talk about each chapter individually. I am not going to go into great detail, I am just gona hit the high and low points of each chapter.


Good - Got the window break at the very start.


Good - Dodged 2 hits/grabs in the building, good RNG would be if they point at you and stop moving.

Bad - Got grabbed by the guy guarding the second emblem piece which stopped my ditman and wasted time.


Good - Ok, the Del Lago fight went really well. With his stupid RNG, you never know what to expect, especially in a SS run. Anyways, I got 4/5 of the "skill" shots at the start, then he decided to be nice and swim back across the lake for another 4 hits. I would have liked for him to swim back across again, but oh well, I hit him with the last 3 and ended the fight.


Good - The Waterfall glitch went pretty well, I have a certain way I do it that involves lining up Leon's hair with a certain part of the pole, so sometimes it takes awhile to get it right, but it went pretty fast this time!


Bad - Couldn't get on the stairs right after I saved Ashley, pretty funny but not a big deal though. The cabin fight could have been better as well, it was pretty sloppy.


Good - The guys on the gondola actually had good aim this time and hit me enough to decrease the difficulty for chapter 3-1, also, yeah, give it to me Ashley you naughty girl you.

Bad - Wow that first rocket shot before fighting the El Gigante was terrible haha.


Good - Catapult section went smooth, second half of water hall was good.

Bad - Got grabbed after getting the key to enter the castle, Ashley almost died from some dynamite before the water hall section and got grabbed which wasted like 20 seconds, water hall was not smooth at all, had to use 5 flashes instead of 4, and Ashley got grabbed again.


Bad - Didn't switch to the TMP when I should have and got hit which deactivated my ditman, TMP glitch took forever to do... so bad.


Bad - Ashley.


Good - Got the first cycle in the lava domain, somehow didn't get hit in the bug area.

Bad - The Verdugo fight went really badly, if you don't get the first dodge you are screwed.


Good - Bug caverns went pretty much perfectly.


Good - Everything went smoothly.


Good - Got the Salazar skip (the hardest glitch in the game in my opinion).


Good - Got the garage skip.

Bad - Messed up on the map skip once at the start of this chapter, wanted to make sure I got it and didn't fall through the map.


Bad - Accidentally skipped the cutscene of the wrecking ball.


Good - Got the laser room skip, Krasuer fight went almost perfectly.

Bad - In the fight against IT, I switched to the flash for some reason instead of the typewriter, then I also got hit by IT.


Bad - Got hit a lot in the first area, not very smooth.


Bad - Didn't get all the flippy flips on the jet-ski. =(