Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [0:24:41]
Run Information
Completion Date Oct. 3, 2013
State Obsolete
Segments 13
Verification Thread
Run Comments

I am very happy and very excited about this run and it took me weeks and weeks to perfect all the segments and I finally been able to complete a run that is impossible to beat!

There was a reason why I decided to do another run of this game. Back in December 2012, I told Dooty that he could improve his TAS with the death delay glitch. He made a run using it with Paramonia and Scrabiana included but that turned out to be a total movie time of 39:44. But then in March 2013 after finishing his updated 100% TAS which turned out to be in 1:03:09, he started to work on the any% run again. He managed to find a new skip using the DDG and Paramonia was finally skipped! His run turned out to be in 27:01.

There are four glitches used in this run. The first is the ledge glitch where if you stand on a ledge and quickly release down whilst turning the opposite direction, the programming will remember what action Abe was about to do. Then whenever you want to hoist down, simply press the opposite direction to the direction that Abe was facing to do the glitch, then he'll climb down like he's dropping down a ledge.

The second is the Death Delay Glitch, (DDG). With this glitch, you can make Abe ghostly so that all the enemies that would kill him think that Abe is dead and they don't do anything. With this trick, Abe is unable to fall of a ledge and land on the spot. If Abe tries to run of a ledge in this state then he'll die on the floor.

The third is the Stop Turn Jump Backwards (STJB) glitch. With this glitch, it requires setting up the ledge glitch facing a ledge and when Abe is about to bump into a wall, quickly press X and the opposite direction that Abe was facing during the setup of the glitch and he'll stop, turn and jump backwards to another screen.

The fourth is the 'Ghostly Elum' glitch. Whilst Abe is invisible, it is simply done by pressing the action button as soon as the flying mine hits Elum. Then Elum will explode and become ghostly.

The improvements I have made here since my last run are that the DDG is used now in Scrabiana. This saves a few minutes and it also skips that part where Abe has to go the long way round to pick up the rock, blow up the mine and do the Password for the Native Mudokon. Paramonia is fully skipped thanks to using the bats in the last door at the Scrabiana Temple. The bats make Abe invincible using the DDG! There is one moment where he'll become invisible in Monsaic Lines after rolling into the mine but once he comes out of the portal into StockYards Return he will show up normally. Zulag 3 is skipped this time thanks to using the STJB and also pulling the lever to open up the door for Zulag 2 is skiped by using the STJB. All these new improvements have been based around Dooty's TAS run.

Any questions? You can contact me on the SDA Forums.