LittleBigPlanet (pal) (ps3) [Any %] [Single Segment] [1:09:03]
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Completion Date Nov. 5, 2013
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Runner 'p-p-j'
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Run Comments

A lot of new tricks were found by RabidJellyfish and me this summer, so there are a lot more skips and time savers in this run than in Brossentia's record. Some of these tricks are really hard to do correctly, but they went really well in this run.


Dialog Jumping
When some characters in the game talk, your movement stops. To avoid this, you can jump right before the dialog appears and exit the dialog before you land, keeping all your momentum.

Flame boost
Fire takes two hits to kill you, and the first hit gives you a small bounce. There are a few parts where this comes in handy.

Slope Jumping
You can build up speed by jumping on a downward slope if you time it correctly.

Bunny hopping
When you have a lot of horizontal speed, frequent jumps keep sackboy from losing all his momentum.

Race Gate Skip
This is a bit complicated. You need to jump before the race gate, and when you land you need to hit the point where the floor and the race gate come together. Almost immediately after the hit, you must jump again. This game has weird physics, so sometimes you'll get a random super jump and make it over the gate instead of having to wait 3 seconds for it to open.

Left Corner jump
LCJ is a way to gain a lot of extra height. To do an LCJ, you must find a left corner, such as the top left corner of a box or ledge. Next you must stand in a layer in front of or behind the corner and line up sackboy so that his right side is just barely past where the corner starts. If you jump, then jump again as soon as your feet are above the corner, you execute a jump that's nearly 3 times as high as normal. It is possible to do a LCJ on a corner in the same layer as you, but it is very random and nearly impossible to do consistently.

Right Corner jump
An RCJ is a way to use right corners instead of left corners to gain some extra height. All you must do is stand on the very edge of a right corner and jump. Sometimes finding the correct position can be tricky and you will end up with a jump that is either normal or too low. For some reason, this method doesn't work on left corners, just like the LCJ method doesn't work on right corners.

Banana Jump
If you hit a wall and quickly make a banana-shaped jump, you will actually make a slightly higher jump.

-- Introduction --
There were a few small hang ups in the introduction, but nothing too big.

-- The Gardens --
First Steps went well. It's actually possible to jump over the hold to retry section with a couple of well placed jumps on the slopes leading up to it, but it's very hard to do. The skip in Grab and Swing took some time to get, but was it was still pretty fast. In Skate to Victory, It's possible to use the last windmill to fling past the mountain and skip the part with the water wheel/bird grab, but I missed it. I needed to wait an extra boot cycle at the castle entrance to skip dragging the box, but I didn't die to random ghosts, which is always a plus.

-- The Savannah --
It's possible to clip through the submarine wall and fling to giraffes earlier, but it's very random and I didn't get it in this run. There was a small hangup on the giraffes at the end and I missed the race gate skip but the level was still overall pretty good. Burning forest was good, only a second or two slower than the IL record for this level. In Meerkat Kingdom, there's a small opening into the back layer of the level, which lets you skip almost the entire level, which only took me a couple seconds to get into. This level was a little slow on the final stretch but still overall really good.

-- The Wedding --
There was one small death in the first level of this region, but it was close to a checkpoint so it didn't waste much time. The Darkness went very well. Skulldozer went pretty much perfectly, although that's not saying much :P

-- The Canyons --
Boomtown went very well. The way the skip works is that there's a player sensor that activates the sequence with the collector flying down and stealing the people, so what I do is run just far enough to activate the sensor, the run back and grab the scorpion. This allows me to swing up and jump up onto the collector. The collector only comes down once, so you only get one shot at the skip, so if I miss it it's pretty much a reset. But I don't in this run, so I save around 30-45 seconds of taking the normal route. In The Mines I used safe strats at the fire part, but overall it was a very good level. In Serpent Shrine there were a couple deaths, and I used a safer route at the zig zag part with the snakes. It's possible to skip the boss fight, but it's very hard to do in SS, so I didn't even try. Overall level could have been faster, but it's a hard level.

-- The Metropolis --
There were a few small hangups in Lowrider, and some jumps weren't as high/far as they could have been, but it went will given how random this level can be. The subway level went fast, although I played it safe when jumping from one subway to another. Aside from one death, the Construction Site went very well. Perfect boss fight at the end.

-- The Islands --
This is where running this game starts to get hard and deaths become much more difficult to avoid, not to mention where to nerves kick in. There were two deaths in Endurance Dojo, but the ending was very good. In Sensei's Lost Castle the Boss fight could have been much faster, but the level went ok. Branch skiing was interrupted because branches are stupid. The Terrible Oni's Volcano could have been better, with 3 unintentional deaths and a 3-cycle boss fight (which can be done in 2).

-- The Temples --
First level was nearly perfect. There were 3 deaths in Elephan Temple, but I got the hard jump at the end, so that's good. Great Magician's Palace was a very good level, but I hit restart instead of return to pod, which wasted a couple seconds.

-- The Wilderness --
The Frozen Tundra had several deaths in it, and the Bunker had one death which caused me to have to wait an extra wheel cycle. The collector's lair went well, with only one small death at the end on the way down to the final stretch. After the 2 deaths in the first phase of boss fight, the rest of the fight went well.