Klonoa (pal) (wii) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Klonoa: Extra Vision] [0:02:04.59]
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Completion Date Aug. 20, 2013
State Published
Runner Pierre 'Skullbot' B.
Tag Klonoa: Extra Vision
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This footage has been captured with "Elgato Game Capture HD" card, on a PAL Wii, running in 480p (60Hz).

Played with an official Gamecube controller.
This is of course a single-segment run.
There is an in-game timer.

Here comes the encoded videos:
LQ (30fps) : https://mega.co.nz/#!UAAGzYSY!KHeSeA9g8fj-4Udx4LLyik_MZtAV4W6TyXwlL5EnrJ0
MQ (60fps) : https://mega.co.nz/#!NRZ2VBCA!ZbsXKh6uz3nucejqHOeEmlJAy0pyso7A8rKSKhUBG1E
HQ (60fps) : https://mega.co.nz/#!UEQAGIrC!M8_A1VI0qR_PqF5ksepGBUhWSwtCrDyr5fv_SuSdbLU
IQ (60fps) : https://mega.co.nz/#!wEoAnCYb!LIpRngZtV57MWn1Dg9WVvnbF0Id61Dw2-DB7Wq290rY
XQ (60fps) : https://mega.co.nz/#!oMpmQB5Y!R0eVy2u0QihY7MkHNA6qM3ABXJZ5t8fCQkZ6mh8XGY0

I also have an even better XQ version (25Mbps video bitrate) if needed.

And here's the Youtube upload :

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Run Comments

Wahoo, Skullbot here !

It happened during a never ending Twitch live ... that game somehow appeared on the Wii screen by itself and then ... I knew. I knew it would be speedrunned, so I did it.

After completing the game at 100% (at least freeing all villagers), you unlock a new stage called "Extra Vision".
That stage, beside of beeing incredibly harder than the rest of the game, also features an in-game timer.
This is the only stage, with the bosses time-attack mode, to feature such a timer. As if it was designed for speedrunning and superplaying.
So here it is, the Extra Vision, the hardest Klonoa 1 (and Wiimake) level of all time.

As there is no special technique involved here, but only best timing/position possible, I think there is no need of explanation.
So, just enjoy the show and have fun !

This run is Copyright (C) 2013 Pierre "Skullbot" B. (http://s284950972.onlinehome.fr/skullbot/index.php?page=klonoa & http://fr.twitch.tv/the_skullbot & http://www.youtube.com/user/skullbot99) and is allowed for downloading and private viewing. Permissions for hosting this run have been granted to Radix and Speed Demos Archive. The selling or distribution of this run for profit in any way, shape, or form including (but not limited to) selling on eBay and television for profit is prohibited without prior permission from the author. Video hosting sites (i.e. YouTube, etc) may host this video in part or in full, as long as full permission is granted by the author. Any violation of the above listed may result in legal action. Klonoa is Copyright (C) 1997, 2008 Namco Bandai.