Ravenloft: Stone Prophet (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [0:00:58]
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Completion Date Aug. 24, 2013
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Runner 'gammadragon'
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Use this video for verification: Ravenloft_Stone_Prophet_VERIFICATION_HQ.mp4

The other videos are the final version with music mixed in and intro and credits sequences added. If allowed, would prefer for those to be the final versions made available on the site.

Estimated time: 0m 58s

The verification video is named Ravenloft_Stone_Prophet_HQ.mp4 and has been encoded with two audio tracks - the first is the original audio direct from recording and the second track is edited to add music from the game.

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Run Comments

Thanks go to the excellent folks at SDA for their great work.

Ravenloft: Stone Prophet is an RPG by DreamForge Intertainment. The main point of attraction is its Egyptian theme, which gives the game a very distinct atmosphere. If you haven't played the game before I'd definitely recommend giving it a go if you can find a copy, preferably before watching this speedrun so the ending isn't spoiled for you :).

The game is fairly long, with normal playthroughs taking about 20 hours to complete. On one of my more recent runs, it occurred to me that the ending of the game is within very close reach of the beginning. I started wondering if it would be possible to somehow skip to the end and after a few attempts, found something that worked.

This speedrun takes advantage of one glitch in the game. The Wall of Ra - a lethal flaming barrier around the game world - insta-kills the party if it ventures too far away. The final item in the game, which starts the endgame sequence when used, is located inside the Wall of Ra. This is supposed to make it unreachable until the end of the game, when the Wall of Ra is temporarily disabled. However, a glitch allows the party to use the "Jump" spell / ability to avoid the instant death effect of the wall, allowing them to survive just long enough to use the item and finish the game.

Using the above glitch, the speedrun is then reduced down to the following:
1. Start the game
2. Obtain the Jump spell / ability as quickly as possible
3. Jump into the Wall of Ra, landing next to the final item
4. Use the final item to finish the game

The final time is so short that I also included the intro and ending sequences as a point of interest for anyone watching the video. The actual gameplay start is just after 5:00.

Version 1.10 of the game was used for this run. DOSBox 0.74 was used to play the game and the video was recorded using the built-in DOSBox feature. The gameplay part of the video was recorded in a single segment with music disabled to make screen transitions faster, as the music has a fade out/in effect which pauses gameplay for a few seconds. To produce the final video, a version with music was recorded which was then mixed in to make the final video.