Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road (ntscus) (nes) [Any %] [Single Segment] [0:08:47]
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Completion Date Aug. 22, 2013
State Obsolete
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Run Comments

Hello. This is my Ikari warriors 2 speedrun and its first Ikari Warriors series game in SDA. I started work that game middle of July. Thanks themexicanrunner SRL. He did top 30 hardest NES games challenge and i see this game here. This game seems truly hard to beat only. One single death and all is over. Also game seems really crap and controlls seems horrible. Thats not true when you will learn play that game, controlls are actually very okay and game not are that crap.

I decide did savestate practice and learn play this game. Then i got interesting try some speedrun routes and strategys. There is no any TAS runs so im not have any idea with strategys for speed. I find most strategys myself and also Ktwo help me a lot find some cooler stuffs drop my time. My all around first run ended 13:15 then i thinking good time could be are something like 11 minutes range. But new strategys drop my time more and more. Finally reached sub 9 minutes run i was really confused, im not never believe thats possible. I wanted still throw one more hard speedtrick and skip select screen level 1 and this drop my already good time 10 more seconds. This run is estimate 8:46 which is so damn tight time. Its could be still improvement but just only minor things here and there especially level 1. I think sub 8:30 could be possible its requires something like avarage 3-4 seconds off per level its will requires some better movement and lag controlls. Yeah its will be work seconds by seconds.

Level comments

Level 1

Items you have to pick up



*2nd Armorpower

This is usually easiest level into game but skipping extra select screen i have to use pea shooter begin. Pea shooter is simply horrible weapon and this make level 1 one hardest level entire run. At least this take me most resets. I allow only lost at most 2 energy bar in this level.

Boss fight is rushed used armor power item.

Level 1 galagos: I skipped. Good RNG


Level 2

Items you have to pick up

*Wing power

*Flash power

*Arrow power

I find very easy way make this level with pea gun. Butterfly enemies at end is still pain fucking ass. I never pass those without taking any damage, but 1-3 energy bar lost is accetable here.

Mirror skip used cool looking selection intention and armor power boss rush. This was my best boss fight ever.

Level 2 galagos: I skipped. Good RNG These are easiest galagos no matter skip or not


Level 3

Items have to pick up

*Energy power? If you not are take it level 2

Okay boomerang and wing power is useful here. Easy level.

Boss: Use arrow power and thats it

Level 3 Galagos: Bad RNG but good rng with enemies and quick room


Level 4

Items have to pick up

*Armor power

This level is good/only point fill your energys and take boomerang with begin. There is tons enemies here so pea shooter strategy is way too hard with humans.

Boss use just grenades and keep your rhythm

Level 4 Galagos: Skipped thanks god. This room is hell. One runkiller


Level 5

Items have to pick up

*Wing power

This level starting is truly hard without taking damage. But luckily i have much enought energys. Use pea shooter first half level and until you pick up wing power then change boomerang and wing power. Fly part is usually easy but its little bit random sometimes its take just some hits.

Boss 1: Okay its save little bit time if you changes armor power correct time. I did it here. You can hear sounds effect when screen is black. Its probably save something like 2 seconds. I accidentally find this

Final boss: Okay pick up flash power and use it correct timing. Okay one single pixel timing push flash. Its fucking damn shitty trick entire game and ruin several good runs and its instant runkill if you mess up it. Thanks Scaryice who tell me this. I practice that a lot but my succesrate never went better than 33% of the time. So this trick is pain ass but its save around 40 seconds so its really important.


Okay Q & A

Q: Why not buy arrow power level 4 boss its kill him one each hit?

A: Im also timed this. Each shop visit take 20 seconds. Its cost time something like 10 seconds total use arrow here. Grenades are faster than buy arrow power. So all shop visits are pointless

Q: Is there random things?

A: Red rooms end of the level there is galagos or weapons. Its totally random. Also enemies bullet rain changes sometimes. Enemies shot fast or slowly. Its make me take some random damages random places make this game sometimes fucking annoying. This is probably best example video with most crap bullets RNG ever


Q: How this enemy lock system work?

A: Keep A or B or both buttons down. Its save tons time and make this game beatable. Its really important on speedruns. This is reason why i shooting all times just keeping lock all times.

Q: Located enemys always same spots

A: Yes. But bullet rain seems always little bit different. I did several savestate test and i pick up this RNG.

Q: Which take most reset?

A: Level 1 pea shooter run. Damn that was hard. First time its take me one hour attempts make this even once. But when my skills up i did this like avarage 1/8 attempts. Bad galago tunnels, random bullets and Zada flash kill take several resets too. And human errors kill me often too. Sometimes game got crash too. Its ruin one good attempt.

Q: Like this game crash often?

A: Sometimes yes. Its happen me something like 4 times. Its usually happen when you enter 4th galago tunnel. Its most common place crashing.

Q: Which is most annoying thing entire run?

A: Simple answer. ZADA FLASH QUICK KILL. Fuck this is so precise. One fucking single step wrong and run is over. I test using consistent pause method, could help little bit, but its ate tons time so only way just run and wish your best. Even used pause method that was still hard.



*Ktwo. You find some most coolest and hardest tricks and strategys into game without your help im not never was going game sub 9 minutes.

*TMR. Your 30 hardest game challenge was reason why i pick up this game

*Scaryice. He tell me how skip last boss. Its most timesaver single trick entire game.

*Radikus. He help me buy game in ebay.

*SDA chiefs


Cheers: Master-88.