Wonderboy in Monsterland (ntscus) (sms) [Any %] [Single Segment] [0:18:50]
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Completion Date May 26, 2013
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Runner Mathieu 'Mpatard' Patard
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First, here is a picture I took of my installation, taken 2 days before I recorded the video (with the camera on my cell phone).
Here is a detailed description of hardware and software I used to capture :

As you can see on the picture, I used a Megadrive with a Master Converter. This is a Japanese Megadrive that has been modified to have english language.

-upscaler: The Megadrive is plugged into a XRGBmini Frameister. It's the little black box under the white one, left to the TV set. If you don't know that device, click on the following link for a complete description:
Thanks to that, I "transformed" an RGB ouptput into a HDMI 720p output, undispensable for the next step

-capture card: As I only have a laptop computer, I needed a capture car with USB connection. I found the Intensity Shuttle (by Blackmagic Design)
There is no RGB connection on it, and the composite video output from the Japanese Megadrive is not supported by the Intensity Shuttle. That's the reason why I had to get an XRGBmini to provide HDMI video signal. On the picture, it's located above the XRGBmini (the small white box).

-softwares: to capture the raw video, I simply used softwares provided by Blackmagic Design (working under Windows only)
The raw file was very big (17Gb if I remember well), and had "black areas" around the image.
I used AVIdemux (under Linux) to "edit" the video. Edit is not the correct word cause I used it only to cut those black areas (and have it full-screened) and to encode it.
I don't remeber the method I used for the sound, but for the video it was x264 (MPEG-4 AVC in the software). AVIdemux is very handy for that cause eveything is already implemented inside, and it's easy to use (and it's free ^^ ).

-computer: It's an MSI laptop (GT683MXR), with Win7 64 and Linux Ubuntu 12.04 64bit in double boot. It has a USB 3.0 input. The chipset is not really fast enough to use with the Intensity Shuttle USB3.0 with maximum quality options, but in the lowest quality configuration (which is pretty good indeed), and the "stop recording the an error occurs" option disable, I manage to record something pretty smooth and clean.

Just for information, I had to use a LM1881 to have a clean synchro signal for RGB inside the XRGBmini.

I hope you have now all the informations you need. Don't hesitate to ask me more questions if you have any doubt.

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Run Comments

Thanks for watching my video. I would like to thanks Goji who supported me when I was trying to complete the game in less than 19min.

The game is not that hard to complete, in a "regular" way, but if you want to do it fast you'll need luck. The boss called Sphynx (in round 6) is the first step where you'll need luck. Before you fight him, he asks a question, and if the answer is correct, you don't need to battle. For each possible question, there are 2 possible answers (among 3 proposed). Normally, you've got to the bar in the Pyramid to get a clue, but if you don't have time, it's Head or Tail ^^
Getting a Gauntlet of Wing boots can make things easier too. I had some of those two items that made me able to perform that run.

In Round 8, I messed-up in the lava part, trying to avoid the ripper haunting the area. I could have save some extra time here, but anyway, I've been lucky enough until then.

Have fun, and I hope that after that, you'll want to try that fantastic game :)