Super Mario 63 (pc) (flash) [Any %] [Single Segment] [0:11:35]
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Completion Date July 7, 2013
State Obsolete
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By my timing in VirtualDub, first control is frame 390 and last input is frame 21070 coming out to a run length of 11:32.6.

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Run Comments

Hey guys, I'm "I have no name"/IHNN/noname and if you're reading this, you probably have some interest in my speedrun of runouw's flash game, Super Mario 63. SM63 is a pretty cool game, borrowing heavily from SM64 for its design decisions but with elements from other Mario games, with FLUDD from SMS and sling stars from Galaxy. The result is a game with a lot of potential for speedrunning, that's also quite fun to just play.

The any% route is fairly straightforward: you do the tutorial like everyone else to start the game, then use a hidden passage in the castle to skip to Bowser 1. After that you do the 2nd tutorial, then (ab)use more secret passages to get to the last level. With Rocket FLUDD, which you normally don't have to start. It's pretty broken. The last level is both tricky and the longest in the game by a wide margin, but in this run it went very well, with only a few minor errors.

The movement in this game is simple enough, Mario has a walking speed, a sprint activated by double tapping the arrow key, and a dive. The fastest method of movement is to chain dives and jumps out of dives, though at the cost of control. Sprinting is slightly faster, and as such I do use it in a few places but for the most part I'm better off which the rest of Mario's moveset.

And now, onto what went well...and not so well in each area.

Tutorial 1:
+Lucky goomba bounce in the first room
-Didn't fly straight out of the room
-Missed ground pound in 2nd room by that much
+Nice bounce off the cheep-cheep in the 3rd room
+Successful execution of the "Tutorial 1 skip", skipping a good 15-20 seconds of platforming. This caused a lot of resets.
Overall, this section could have gone a bit better, but it was -1.1 on my 12:17 splits. It kills a lot of runs anyway, so I was glad to be out of there.

Bowser 1:
+VERY good first dive in the tunnel room
~Didn't screw around waiting for the block
+Perfect fight
-Wasn't right on top of the key at the end
Overall, +0.6 but this split is pretty much a fixed length. The hidden pipe is ONLY on the left edge, and Bowser has invincibility frames if you let him land.

Tutorial 2:
-No idea how to handle the first part of this area
-Slight time loss with Turbo FLUDD
+Pretty fast Rocket FLUDD ascent
+Didn't have to stand and double jump to reach the clouds
-Launched one extra time, wasting a few seconds
Overall, -5.4 on my split. This section is really hard to do optimally with a lot of subtle little things, but it went reasonably well.

Enter Last Level:
+First 3 rooms
-Missing the shortcut to Bowser once
Overall, +0.7 on the split. It's fairly simple and there's not much too it, the time loss is due to missing the path to Bowser.

Fake Bowser:
+Everything with Rocket FLUDD went very well
-Missed the launch in the Turbo FLDUD path, though it's basically luck due to the Bully.
+Good execution to Turbo FLUDD
-Got burned once
+Lucky damage boost in the 'maze'
+Flawless zip
+Great boss fight
~Swag goomba bounce after the boss kill during no-control time
Overall, -12.6 on the split. Fitting that it's a 12.6 given the SM64 inspiration. Anyways, spinning after a Rocket FLUDD use gives a lot of horizontal speed and I use this to skip the first room. The key puzzle stuff is skipped, again by having Rocket FLUDD when I'm not supposed to. The zip is pretty cool, and was actually found by complete accident. I'm not 100% sure of this, but I think luring Fake Bowser down to try to ram you is faster than waiting out fireballs-and it's much safer. The fight seemed to have less rounds than usual at the end-maybe it was the damage I took, or just good RNG?

True Bowser:
+First SPAAAAAACE room
-Not getting a jump on the spinny things
-Forgetting a skip for a second
-The biggest mistake of the run, missing the logs with the bob-omb and the resulting fiasco. I think I recovered nicely, even if I was a bit greedy.
-Missing a catch on Bowser
+No missed throws!
Overall, -9.1 on the split. I love this part of the game, using Hover FLUDD to go through everything in a lower gravity enviroment is so much fun. Could have gone better, though I was already pretty nervous from having a good run up to this point.

+First room w/ invincibility buffers on the flames
+Second room w/ great movement
+Third room w/ fantastic bounces off things
Overall, -17.6 on the split to close out the run! This section is brutally difficult to do quickly due to the lack of FLUDD. I played it slightly safe in a few places, but avoided death and successfully locked in the run at 11:32.

Overall, I think this game could probably hit sub 11 on a perfect run, but I'm very happy with this time as a lot of things went very well here. I'll return to this category if I'm ever beaten, but until then, I hope you enjoyed. Now, onwards to no major skips/32 shine!

If you have any additional questions about the run, you can ask in the thread on the SDA forums, PM me on the forums (username is "I have no name" :P), PM me on YouTube (username is "Ihavenoname248") or Twitch (username is "IhavenonameSDA").

Overall splits:
Tutorial 1: -1.1
Bowser 1: -0.5
Tutorial 2: -5.9
Enter last level: -5.2
Fake Bowser: -17.8
True Bowser: -26.9
Escape/Done!: -44.5