International Track and Field 2 (pal) (psx) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Hard] [0:17:59]
Run Information
Completion Date July 3, 2013
State Obsolete
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Hey people!
I'm Chris-X. Welcome to my International Track and Field 2 speedrun, completed on July 3rd, 2013.
It's a single segment run on hard difficulty (that means you must have better results to qualify).
The goal is to complete all events by beating the qualification time/distance/height/points and win the championship.
The run was recorded with the Terratec Grabby Video Grabber directly on my PC.

Horse Vault:
I start the run with this event because it's the hardest one and one little mistake can ruin the run.
In my opinion the 10-point exercises are the easiest to beat the 9.2 qualification points because you don't have to have two perfect jumps before the command input.
I use a piece of cloth to wipe over the buttons instead of pushing every single one.

This is the second event in my order because it's the most annoying. You have to win at least one of the two races.
Most of my tries ended up here. All following events are much easier and less risky.

You have to hit the run buttons in turn to strike the beginning of the blue bar with the arrow.
The faster you move the harder it is to hit the blue bar.
This is one of the events where you have to wait for your opponents, so time is not that important.

This is self-explanatory.

Long Jump:
I only need one valid attempt farther than 8.50 meters.
The other two attempts are intentional fouls to save time.

Pole Vault:
After running you have to push the jump button in the right moment to have enough tension.
Then you have to hold this button until the bar is crossed. I only need one valid attempt.

Hammer Throw:
Same tactic like Long Jump. The last two attempts are intentional fouls to save time.

Nothing more to say here.

I always choose the lowest possible weight to save time. In the first stage of an attempt you have to reach the OK sign by pushing the run buttons.
Then you have to push the X-button while the OK sign is still glowing. In the second stage you must have the right timing to hit the OK sign.
In the last stage you have to keep the pace until the three light are on.
In the last two attempts I hit the X-buttons as early as possible to cause a foul.

The Back-Pike and the Back-Tuck are directly executed without stopping at the end of the board.
So I choose them for the first two attempts.

50m Freestyle:
Nothing more to say here.

1km Time Trial:
This is the most exhausting event because you have to keep the high pace for nearly one minute.

Final stats:
Horse Vault - 9.945 points
Sprint - 3rd place
Canoeing - 1:20.070 minutes
100m - 8.59 s
Long Jump - 9.71 m
Pole Vault - 5.80 m
Hammer Throw - 93.97 m
Javelin - 97.46 m
Weightlifting - 260 kg
Springboard - 347.70 points
50m Freestyle - 20.52 s
1km Time Trail - 57.656 s
Total points - 15243

Thank you for watching!