Chameleon Twist (ntscus) (n64) [Any %] [Single Segment]
Run Information
Completion Date June 11, 2013
State Rejected
Verification Thread
Run Comments

Overall this was a good run but much can be improved. My personal best time is 11:19 so I have quite a bit of room for improvement. I plan on attempting to get better times in the future.

Jungle Land - Everything here went splendidly. - 2:10

Bomb Land - Although this was a good run of it, my personal best beats by a full 11 seconds. Still a solid time though - 2:01

Kids Land - This level went really smoothly except the hit I took in the second cracker room. Its still faster than falling though. - 3:32

Ghost Castle - This is where things get rocky and where the most improvement can happen. I'm not sure as to my full time here but it wasn't good. I missed the trick in the final room and had to walk the boards. On top of that I had bad RNG in thr second mirror room as well as a mediocre at best boss fight. 

It was good enough to get a world record although I plan on improving it soon. Total time was 11:39