Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD (ntscus) (ps3) [Any %] [Single Segment] [1:45:02]
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Completion Date April 12, 2013
State Obsolete
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There are no difficulty changes between the US and JPN regions of CVX HD.

Text difference is TBD, so don't know if relevant.

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This is the Japanese version of the game, Code: Veronica Complete (コード:ベロニカ 完全版). Completion time is 1:45:02.

The only difference between the NTSC-U and NTSC-J version of CVX HD is text. Haven't measured the speed of text boxes, if relevant, but damage values are consistent between the US and Japanese versions.

There is plenty of loading difference between PS3 and X360 though.

I captured this with an AverMedia GameCapture HD at 720p. This was done all in one take. With all the hellacious RNG I managed to get down so well, I'm not sure I actually want to try this run again. lol.

The Grenade Launcher and (to a lesser extent) the Shotgun are used to mop up specific Zombies, Hunters, and the tentacles in the Antarctic Base.

There is a glitch I used that, oddly enough, is initiated by using the Playing Manual in a specific fashion. I used it to get a bunch of explosive arrows. It makes mincemeat out of all of Claire's bosses.

The glitch itself is a memory value swap. I understand concepts, but I don't understand how to explore the data myself. A guy named Luksy who I met on Reddit in r/residentevil (thanks, btw!) helped me learn a little more about the bug by disassembling a save file on the PS2 version of the game, but neither of us could come up with any ideas that would allow any sequence breaks, unfortunately. We could produce 65535 (truncated to 35) Magnum Rounds by reducing an Ink Ribbon to 0 and saving the game with it, but it turns out the only reason it did that was because the Magnum Rounds were one item ID value under the Ink Ribbon. Also, depleting those magnum rounds did nothing either.

For more details about the bug, watch this video:

Both Tyrant fights are a fucking joke now, whereas it's very frustrating to actually get a good fight with the Grenade Launcher.

Not using the Sniper Rifle on Nosferatu was 3 seconds slower, according to sshplur, but let's be honest: the hitbox around Nosferatu's heart is tiny, and drives everyone up the wall.

That fight was poorly designed. Long range weapon with an ambiguous crosshair + poor visibility + boss can spam poison gas + tiny crit hitbox + giant tentacle with medium range attacks. Put that all together, and you can understand why I would happily sacrifice those 3 seconds.

The Gulp Worm has similar mechanics as the Grave Digger in RE3, but its attacks are different. You can cause damage to it when it pops out of the ground to attack, but you can't kill it until its body is completely out of the grond; it has to take the coup de grace while it's standing straight up and screaming. I got ungodly luck in this fight, since he stood up and screamed within 1-2 cycles. He dies in 4 arrows.

I also dodged the Sweepers (poison hunters) after getting out of the airport. That takes some practice, but it can be done consistently if you know what you're doing. Same thing with No Damage Steve, which I usually take one hit on at the very end.

Alexia 1 takes 3 grenades. I picked up an extra gunpowder for Alexia 2. Alexia 2 shifts to Alexia 3 after 12 explosive arrows, and does so very quickly... but I'm pretty sure the Grenade Launcher is faster to use overall.

This was all punctuated by hitting Alexia 3 in one shot.

I don't expect to get this kind of luck for a long time, so this is it for now. I wanna extend thanks to sshplur, Trevor, ZENO-Kimura, and TheMixedHerb for their contributions to this game.

I have no idea who I can credit for finding the original incarnation of the Playing Manual bug (I hear it was a GameFAQs user), but whoever you are, nice find! With any lucky, maybe we can find some other weird bug to use along with it to find a sequence break.