TMNT (2007) (ntscus) (xb360) [Any %] [Individual Level] [0:04:41.34]
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Completion Date June 1, 2013
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Runner Nicholas 'Sir VG' Hoppe
Segments 7
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Challenge Maps 03, 04, and 06 only. These are all faster than the ones submitted by orugari.

Comments are 100% identical to the old one, as I felt nothing needed to be changed.

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Speedrunner in a half-shell. Speedrunner power. (Nah, not as catchy.)

Speed Run Rules:
* Individual Levels
* Challenge Maps
* Eats Pizza Like Cosmo

TMNT is a game that was released with the 2007 movie. For those not familiar with the movie, don't worry. The Challenge Maps spoil nothing. Go watch the movie anyways; it's much better than the 3rd live action one that came out years ago (although Secrets of the Ooze was much better than both).

There are 16 Challenge Maps in the game. In order to unlock one, you have to complete the corresponding main game level with a high enough overall ranking (I believe an A rank or better). Each Challenge Map provides you with a test of some type of obstacle course (or with maps 02 and 10, a quick skirmish with Foot Soldiers). Some of them you have to complete with 1 turtle, some of them you're allowed to use the entire team for throws and team attacks. Each map keeps track of time and you can earn up to 3 shells per level (these are used for unlockables).

Several of the levels have some serious shortcuts. The only one I think that was intended was Map 15, which I've found impossible to get 3 shells on without doing. The shortcuts in Maps 01, 09, and 12 I don't believe were intended, especially since the camera has a hard time keeping up (especially in Maps 01 and 12). The Team Attacks in Map 10 were done intentionally and given that the timer appears to slow down for the slow motion part of the team attack, I believe were intended by the developer in that map in the manner I used them.

Initially I improved maps 03, 04, and 06 in June 2013 after another runner submitted times that tried to beat me. Then I went back in August 2013 after I was linked some videos with faster times in 01, 02, 03, 05, and 07. 02 had a very interesting strat for tricking the AI of 2 Foot Soldiers to fall off the edge. I updated it to have 2 sets of 2 Foot Soldiers to fall off the edge, saving a huge amount of time (hey, 4 seconds is about 1/3 of the old run's time!). The Map 07 time was much cleaner, saving about a couple of seconds as well.

Not much else to say other than...COWABUNGA!

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Sir VG, signing out.

"We came. We saw. We speed ran."


Level 1 [0:00:09.00]
Level 2 [0:00:09.13]
Level 3 [0:00:16.94]
Level 4 [0:00:14.67]
Level 5 [0:00:13.61]
Level 6 [0:00:13.54]
Level 7 [0:00:10.86]