Klonoa (ntscus) (wii) [Any %] [Individual Level] [0:07:52.65]
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Completion Date March 20, 2013
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Runner Nicholas 'Sir VG' Hoppe
Segments 2
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Update for Bosses #1 and #4. Both runs performed on the same date.

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Speed Run Rules:

* Time Attack
* Bops Hewpoe to the music

Klonoa is a Wiimake of the PS1 title Klonoa: Door to Phantomile. I was playing this game to take a break from some other games I was running and decided to try beating my old time attacks from a couple of years ago. Yeah, I kicked butt.

Rongo Lango: The boss is only vulnerable from the back. My initial submission time was about 23 seconds, when about a month later I was informed of a new strategy by Yingofsweden that would make sub-20 possible. Needless to say I crushed that time.

Evil Seadoph & Evil Pamela: I stay right of center so Seadoph will jump onto the spike balls. Pamela needs to be hit to do damage, but she's not vulnerable until she jumps. Plucking Seadoph off of Pamela's back (hits 2 & 4) is EXTREMELY HARD. I lost track of how many resets I had purely due to that. For the 3rd hit, my position (and the location of spike balls) determines where Seadoph will go. My time was improved over my initial submission because I figured out you could hit Pamela right after plucking Seadoph off of her back.

Gelg Bolm: This boss is only vulnerable from above, which you can only get that high from a spring, so it's all a matter of positioning. His pattern isn't random, so it's a matter of timing. Compared to my prior attempts, I changed the positioning of where he falls before the 3rd hit, and jumped a bit sooner on the final one.

Baladium: The only hit that matters for the purpose of speed is the last one. The fewest hits you can hit him with to win is 4. I didn't think a time under 0:28.76 was possible but I proved myself wrong, I guess!

Joker: The hardest hit to do fast is the first, since it's depending on 2 things: 1, the location of the enemy spawns; 2, whether Joker dashes or just walks. I had numerous restarts because of that. After the 3rd hit, Joker will ALWAYS go into the eclipse mode...there is absolutely no way to avoid this. Turning all the blocks back to yellow (by walking back and forth over them) will cause this mode to end.

Ghadius: There's three phases of attacks, but I skip the 2nd by fighting the first the way I do. I get two hits early, then wait to grab the 3rd enemy until late in the phase (it needs to be one of the last two enemies in the cycle). If I grab a 3rd enemy too soon in the phase, he'll block the attack and then go into phase 2. With this setup, I can get 7 hits in, skipping Ghadius to phase 3 (which is much easier to do attacks on then phase 2). The catch of phase 3 is that there's 3 enemies and I need 3 hits on Ghadius for the win, so there's no room for error.

Nahatomb: The first 4 enemies can become cannonballs at my own leisure - so long as they don't die and I don't hit the tongue. The only hit that matters is the 5th and final one, which I have to position right by the last cannon. In phase 2, it may be possible if somebody can pull it off perfectly to get the 6th hit (2nd on the moving crystal) before the moving crystal goes up out of range. I know it's possible, my testing has allowed me to put the enemy heightwise at the right spot, but it's a matter now of horizontal position. In phase 3, the position of the player determines where the enemy comes in though the wormhole (it's on the same color as the player, just opposite side of the arena). Whether I throw this enemy into the cannon or the roaming enemy just depends on what's positioned where.

Hope you enjoyed the time attacks!

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Sir VG, signing out.

"We came. We saw. We speed ran."


Boss 1 [0:00:17.61]
Boss 4 [0:00:28.74]