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Run Information
Completion Date July 12, 2010
State Published
Runner Paul 'Lag.Com' Davies
Tag Arcomage: Destruction
Verification Thread
Run Comments

Last time I claimed that it would take a lot of restarts to beat my runs. Well, I did a lot of restarts. I've been sitting on this run for a long time because I wanted to submit a new Building victory at the same time, but it hasn't happened.

-- TURN 1
Me: Full Moon (0) - both players gain 1 Dungeon, you gain 3 recruits
Enemy: Miners (3b) - +1 Quarry
Full Moon is a super good start. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to play my big Monsters. My enemy having an additional Quarry doesn't affect that much, but thankfully it gives him enough bricks to do something very stupid on his next turn.
-- TURN 2
Me: Moody Goblins (1r) - 4 Damage, you lose 3 gems.
Enemy: Tremors (7b) - both walls take 5 Damage, play again
Enemy: Power Burn (3g) - own tower takes 5 Damage, +2 Magic
This was an amazingly lucky turn! My opponent trashes his own wall AND tower, while I get a very efficient Monster out.
-- TURN 3
Me: discard
Enemy: Discord (5g) - both towers take 7 Damage, both -1 Magic
I didn't want to play Tower Gremlin because I noticed I'd have the 18 recruits necessary to play Pegasus Lancer next turn, which would nearly kill my opponent. Then he goes ahead and plays Discord anyway, so he's dead meat.
-- TURN 4
Me: Pegasus Lancer (18r) - 12 Damage to tower
So I win.

As it turned out, the Moody Goblins weren't actually that important - all the useful damage was dealt directly to his tower. This means that, yes, this run is also improvable. Good luck on that!