Half-Minute Hero (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Evil Lord 30] [0:02:23.77]
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Completion Date March 8, 2013
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Runner Jim 'Dowolf' Dobler
Tag Evil Lord 30
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Run Comments

So, Evil Lord 30. Unlike in Hero 30, there's no RNG manipulation-based silliness. Just calm, cold strategy. And by strategy I mean running up to bosses and one-shotting them.

We get three types of summons: Brutes, which one-shot most things; Nimbles, which are weaker but faster; and Shooters, which are worthless. Brutes beat Nimbles, Nimbles beat Shooters, and Shooters would beat Brutes if they could hit them with their shots, but they can't. Because they're worthless. There's also a Wandering Jelly hidden on every level, which is super effective against everything. This is occasionally useful.

XP gain throughout the run basically boils down to "kill Nimbles whenever practical", since they're the only enemy class which can be killed effectively. Everything else, we just run past.

Also, for those more familiar with the PSP version, they're almost identical. The only interesting difference is that the girl on Stage 8 is much better at tag on PSP than on PC.

Stage 1: At Violet Castle (7.42)

This stage isn't timed for some reason. Enemies also don't have HP bars and can only be damaged by Brutes—even the Wandering Jelly on this stage can't damage them. So we just send Brutes forward and hope the enemy AI decides to run into our brutes. This stage went OK in this run; the AI didn't suicide quite as fast as I would have liked, but it's not horrible.

Stage 2: Village at the Base (3.16)

There's some enemies guarding a Noire statue. We need to destroy the Noire statue. There is roughly a 10% chance the enemies decide to run straight forward, in which case we cannot get past and we have to reset. Usually, though, we can run straight down and let a Brute one-shot the statue.

Stage 3: Path (11.55)

So the objective on this stage is to kill all of the enemy Brutes. As covered earlier, Brutes are weak to Shooters; however, Shooters are worthless and can't hit anything for beans. There is a Jelly we can and do use to kill a number of the brutes, but it can't kill all of them, meaning we have to summon a bunch of Shooters and hope they actually hit something. Occasionally they do. This level can be done in sub-10 seconds, but it's pure luck. 11.55 is actually a little on the slow side, but we make up for it later.

I do, however, have some good news: we will get through the rest of the game without summoning another Shooter. Yay!

Stage 4: Large Town (10.51)

This time, there's two Noire statues to kill. We can also finally start gathering XP in the form of coins; we need to get 100 of them in this stage in order to hit level 2.This is why we do the weird little dance off to the right—this aggros all of the Nimbles, which we can then kill with Brutes who will go on to kill the eastern Statue while we run off to deal with the western one. There is a Jelly due south of our starting position, but getting it saves no time and makes it harder to get the ten coins.

Stage 5: Small Fort (6.79)

This time, the enemy decides to send Shooters at us. Fortunately, enemy Shooters are just as worthless as allied Shooters, and we can just run through them. One-shot the statue for good measure and call it a day.

Stage 6: Spirit Path * (6.08)

Use a Brute to cut off any Nimbles from that first line that try to get in our way, then run straight at the defenseless boss. Oh wait—he summoned a bunch of enemies. And by enemies I mean Shooters. The only real danger is accidentally running into them.

Stage 7: Cobbled Bridge (9.08)

The boss of this stage is weak to Shooters. Unfortunately, Shooters are still worthless, so instead we'll run past the boss, grab the Jelly, and then position ourselves so that the Jelly winds up on top of the boss, causing him to explode. Weeeeee~

Stage 8: Coastline * (10.20)

Just damage boost past all the shooters. Though for some reason, this seems to make it more likely they actually hit you with arrows. *Shrug.* Anyways, we get through cleanly and then take advantage of the girl's poor AI in the PC version to quickly tag her. (In the PSP version, you're forced to lose a second because, if you go too fast, the girl goes "nope" and starts running around a circle on the right side of the map really fast.)

Stage 9: Large Fort (7.59)

More enemy Brutes. Again, these guys are basically impossible to kill because Shooters are worthless and I refuse to summon more Shooters anyways, so we'll just dodge past everyone in order to get to the Noire statue faster.

Stage 10: Town Square (9.83)

Ooh Nimbles! We need to kill a bunch of 'em for XP, but if we kill too many we can't quick-kill the boss anymore. Balance is key. I would have rather gotten the kill a little earlier, but this is fine.

Stage 11: Maze Fort (9.19)

The only thing standing between us and Noire himself is a single line of Shooters. I'm sure you know where this is going...

Stage 12: Castle Town (15.96)

There's five Noire statues on this stage, plus tons of Nimbles to kill for XP. Pretty straightforward; we just charge Brutes towards some of the more distant statues in order to keep things fast. I lose about a half-second when I miss the angle when I'm in the NE corner, but 15.XX is still pretty much perfect.

Stage 13: Castle Gates (8.13)

There is a big giant gate in the way. We will kill it with Brutes. Also, we finally hit Level 3 yay!

Stage 14: Great Hall (8.48)

There's a few enemies on this stage we have to dodge, but luckily enough there's a safe spot right next to the Shooters where we can stand for a second or so while waiting for enemies to get out of our way. Yeah, they're still worthless. I actually misstime the charge at the end—I want the Nimble to land on the boss, rather than doing that 2-hit combo—but it only costs a fraction of a second.

Stage 15: King's Room (8.63)

Run up, kill the King, call it a day.

Stage 30: Noire Castle (11.16)

Noire is weak to Nimbles this time, so we just sort of send Nimbles up to him until he dies. Occasionally you get unlucky and he doesn't die, which sucks. We don't run forwards because that causes a full row of statues to spawn. You can run past them, but the Nimbles frequently decide to be stupid and suicide into the statues rather than killing Noire, so... yeah.

Special Thanks:

--To Xarugas and MAS8705 for their previous attempts, which gave me lots of good strategies

--To all the composers, especially whoever thought it was a good idea to have a song that's basically a guy screaming BULL SHIT. Which just happens to play on the most RNG-dependent levels.

--To SDA, for hosting this.

--Marvelous for making the game, and XSeed for localizing it.

Thanks for watching!