Tobe's Vertical Adventure (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Deaths] [Co-Op] [0:13:48]
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Completion Date Sept. 20, 2012
State Published
Runner Greg 'Setz' Tyndall
Runner 'Gumboman'
Tag Deaths
Tag Co-Op
Segments 17
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Run Comments

Howdy. This is our 17-segment, any% run through the co-op story mode of Tobe's Vertical Adventure, with Setz as Nana and Gumboman as Tobe. Dying is nigh-constant in this run, but it generally serves a purpose and increases the speed of the run. Co-op mode features a lot of major glitches that weren't possible in single player mode and allow us to greatly reduce the overall time. Together, we throw each other through the floor, slide through walls, and boost ourselves to the top of the levels.

Each individual level is done in one segment (and one more for the title screen setup), both ascent and descent—hence the 17 segments. Every level was done in succession due to complications with increased health and lives, with the exception of 4-3 which was scrapped and redone due to a recording error. No advantage was granted for this and we ensured there were no meaningful inconsistencies.

Otherwise, we're still baffled by what happened in 4-1 where Nana dies but still grabs the escape rope at the end, because we thought we had lost that take since Tobe wasn't able to keep up with her. It doesn't seem like it cost us any time, though.

This kind of run has a fundamental drawback in that Tobe and Nana have different abilities which conflict a number of times. Both players have to get to the goal treasure to open it, not to mention the tricks sometimes needing both Tobe and Nana, with the camera stretching between them. Tobe runs faster and can be forced to wait on Nana, whereas she can double jump and leave Tobe in the dust during ascents. Luckily, we get around most of these problems with one trick.

The major glitch we use in this run is what we call the Over-And-Under, which lets one player fall down as far in the level as they want with no collision, but there are limits: you can't go too far off the screen. Falling off-screen will kill and respawn you next to the other player, and the camera won't follow the falling player unless the other one is dead or keeping pace. This creates a certain strategy where we drop down as far as we can, have the other player die and respawn next to the first, and then run through the rest of the level.

Because this run is segmented, I don't believe there's too much time lost on these levels excluding a few minor mistakes here and there. There's at least 7 seconds lost from what I loosely calculated, but any significant time improvement over this run would involve new routes or tricks. We're quite happy with this run, especially since it's our first co-op speedrun as well as our first segmented. It also drastically improves on Setz's best solo time with Nana by a full minute and 22 seconds, just showing how effective the Over-And-Under is.

Otherwise, most of the glitches won't make much sense if you've never seen them before, so if you're curious how they work, check out the Tobe speedrun tricks playlist on Setz's YouTube channel. He has a variety of other games on his page as well, or you can check out Gumboman's channel.

Here's a list of some of the important tricks we use:

Over-And-Under - There's a move where if one player is hanging from a ledge with the other relatively close below them, the hanging player will turn around and hold their hand out to give the second a boost upward. Once the second player takes the hand, the first can press down (and then release) to cancel out of the maneuver and begin falling, but all while the game thinks you're still clinging onto the ledge. This means that you're falling downward and can just pull yourself up to stop at any time. This can be done at any ledge higher than two blocks above the ground.

Screenwrap Glitch - Tobe's Vertical Adventure uses screenwrap, which is where you run off the right side of the screen and appear on the left side, and vice versa. What happens with this glitch is that you move from one, blockless side of the screen to the other side, which contains blocks. By moving to the side with blocks, your character gets lodged inside of them but can still jump, which will boost the character upward until they reach the top of that set of blocks. It greatly reduces ascent time on levels that feature this glitch.

Floor Door - When clinging to a wall, you gradually build up speed as you fall, but when disconnecting from the wall, there's a brief period where your character has no collision and can drop through the floor. It's tricky to pull off sometimes since the timing's relatively tight, but it lets you get through some slow areas faster. The limit that you can fall through is one to two blocks of height, with two blocks requiring more speed.

Slick Pick - This allows you to pass through walls when a treasure box is close enough to them. When opening a chest, you can move a few blocks to the side without collision, meaning there are some levels where you could get yourself stuck inside a wall. This trick is extremely easy to do if you're standing right next to a vertical set of blocks, but it gets far more difficult if the treasure box is slightly offset so that you have to stand away from the wall.

Wallrun ledge lift - This is a Tobe-only trick that involves his wallrun. When you encounter a one-block high hole in the wall that you're supposed to roll through, you can actually get Tobe to pull himself up into it, going the opposite direction intended. If you hold down and forward just before Tobe grabs the ledge while wallrunning up to it, he'll push himself slightly into the wall before he lifts himself up, tricking the game into thinking the hole is taller than one block.

Crusher through floor - Crushers only appear in world 4, but if you stand beneath them and jump just a moment after they hit you, your character will fall through the floor—if the floor is only one block thick.

Thanks for watching!