Tobe's Vertical Adventure (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Character: Nana] [Deaths] [0:15:10]
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Completion Date March 25, 2012
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Runner Greg 'Setz' Tyndall
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Tag Character: Nana
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Howdy. This is my single-segment, any% run through the sixteen levels of Tobe's Vertical Adventure as Nana, using a collection of glitches to pass through the floor, slide through walls, and boost to the top of the levels. It uses one death in the second level to exploit a glitch that saves time.

While Nana runs slower than the main character Tobe, her double jump allows her to get out of the levels much faster and use some additional tricks, so her run ends 44 seconds sooner than my best time with Tobe. Her main problem is that she can't tank enemies early on since she only starts with one heart, which forces you to play a little more conservatively.

That being said, this run isn't flawless, and I believe it's very possible to get a sub-15 minute run. Most of my mistakes appear when trying to pull off some of the harder tricks—generally only taking off a few seconds—and are quite obvious. Still, this is the best take I've gotten in what I consider to be a fairly difficult, if short run. A perfect take would be about 23 seconds faster.

Otherwise, most of the glitches won't make much sense if you've never seen them before, so if you're curious how they work, check out the Tobe speedrun tricks playlist on my YouTube channel. I have a variety of other games on my page as well.

Here's a list of some of the important tricks I use:

Floor Door - When clinging to a wall, you gradually build up speed as you fall, but when disconnecting from the wall, there's a brief period where your character has no collision and can drop through the floor. It's tricky to pull off sometimes since the timing's relatively tight, but it lets you get through some slow areas faster. The limit that you can fall through is one to two blocks of height, with two blocks requiring more speed.

Slick Pick - This allows you to pass through walls when a treasure box is close enough to them. When opening a chest, you can move a few blocks to the side without collision, meaning there are some levels where you could get yourself stuck inside a wall. This trick is extremely easy to do if you're standing right next to a vertical set of blocks, but it gets far more difficult if the treasure box is slightly offset so that you have to stand away from the wall.

Screenwrap Glitch - Tobe's Vertical Adventure uses screenwrap, which is where you run off the right side of the screen and appear on the left side, and vice versa. What happens with this glitch is that you move from one, blockless side of the screen to the other side, which contains blocks. By moving to the side with blocks, your character gets lodged inside of them but can still jump, which will boost the character upward until they reach the top of that set of blocks. It greatly reduces ascent time on levels that feature this glitch.

Lantern shortcut - This trick is exclusive to 1-2. Lanterns serve as checkpoints in Tobe's Vertical Adventure, typically respawning you after death right underneath them. But this one in 1-2 spawns you slightly to the left and close to a wall. If you hold left while respawning, your character will go into the wall and be teleported to the top of that set of blocks, in much the same fashion as the Screenwrap Glitch.

Crusher through floor - Crushers only appear in world 4, but if you stand beneath them and jump just a moment after they hit you, your character will fall through the floor—if the floor is only one block thick.

Thanks for watching!