Pitfall II: Lost Caverns (ntscus) (atari) [100 %] [Single Segment] [0:09:47]
Run Information
Completion Date Oct. 10, 2012
State Published
Runner Chris 'cak' Knight
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tech info: Performed on Atari 2600 console (standard 1982 model), using 3-button Sega Genesis controller. No a/v mod.

*whew* I'm 99% sure this is the fastest glitchless speedrun possible on this game. I never played Pitfall II nor a 2600 console prior to this year and learned every strategy on my own, though Douglas Korekach's still impressive record at Twin Galaxies inspired me to push my playing to the limits of sanity. Thanks to my family (hi Megan and Sarah) and friends; also thanks to the Japanese band Unita Minima, who often provided a mind-blowing soundtrack to mind-numbing practice sessions.