Quake III Arena () (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level] [Nightmare] [0:21:49.46]
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Completion Date Jan. 17, 2023
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Runner 'fearZZz'
Segments 26
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Run Comments

"Nightmare!" is hardest (fifth) difficulty for single player in Quake 3 Arena. Bots don't have any handicap compared to the player (starting with 125hp as well). Map restart (map_restart 0 binded) is used in the beginning on most maps.

DM0: Introduction [0:00:16.62]

  Pretty straight forward; using Machine Gun (MG) on Crash to get close to 100hp in order to get final blast with Shotgun (SG). Spawns are predetermined.

DM1: Arena Gate [0:00:38.58]

  Initial spawn chosen to be the one close to SG; out of Rocket Launcher (RL) room, because that way Ranger spawns near RL and if fragged with it, enables his off-the-spawn attraction/trigger to get back to RL room and pick it up - which allows for quick re-frags and finish of the map. Then ideally you'd want to get Plasma Gun (PG) and have Phobos spawn somewhere there (with bit of luck), and not in RL room.

DM2: House of Pain [0:00:45.53]

  Initial spawn for player always the same, but for Phobos it was "chosen" to be near SG where he'd attracted to SG and then RA. Then with dropped SG after frag - he'd still be attracted to the same room and with good RNG allows for fast map completion.

DM3: Arena of Death [0:00:53.81]

  Case where map_restart is not used, to allow for first frag with good/lucky spawn on Orbb. Rare instance of RA pickup to survive the damage output of enemy. Straight forward otherwise, bit sloppy end

TOURNEY1: Power Station 0218 [0:00:37.05]

  Straight forward execution. Spawn of Sarge was "chosen" to be either to the left of player, or in Powerup (PU) room. Good RNG is considered to be when Sarge does not re-spawn in RL room but having RL helps with spawn frags.

DM4: The Place of Many Deaths [0:00:52.30]

  Straight forward; First spawn/Start is always the same. Ideally you want someone to spawn near you to the left, frag him with MG and pick up either SG from spawn or from someone taking teleport from Plasmagun (PG). Survive till PU (Quad Damage) spawn and have finish ASAP with it.

DM5: The Forgotten Place [0:00:45.53]

  Initial spawn chosen to be on Yellow Armor (YA) so that both bots spawn around PG. Idea is to leave dropped PG from one of the bots on first frag and let them be attracted back to the same/PG room.

DM6: The Camping Grounds [0:00:51.01]

  Straight forward; Good RNG considered when bots attracted to the PG room (happens if someone dropped a weapon near it, or around the pillars).

TOURNEY2: The Proving Grounds [0:00:47.58]

  Map restart not used to allow for Hunter to be spawned near you for quick first frags, but then good RNG is when Hunter is not attracted to RL but to Lightning gun (LG) room. Hard map to beat fast, as Hunter hits hard with MG.

DM7: Temple of Retribution [0:00:58.09]

  Quite lucky start with bots' attraction towards RL room which serves as one of the closest places between all possible spawn locations. Very fast first 10 frags so that I wasn't too frustrated with death there.

DM8: Brimstone Abbey [0:01:11.50]

  Bots' attractions towards RA or around mega room considered to be fastest; Good RNG case with PU (Quad Damage instead of Invisibility that also can be spawned).

DM9: Hero's Keep [0:01:03.55]

  Hard map to beat fast personally, but the best behavior would be attraction to them to middle room with jumppad, and not from above where they'd be dropping to the void usually. And then would require to get lucky with them not take too much time in RG/RA room.

TOURNEY3: Hell's Gate [0:00:34.61]

  Best initial spawn would be near plasma and then its a matter of luck

DM10: The Nameless Place [0:01:17.02]

  Initial spawn was chosen to be closest one to LG and no map_restart was forced because all enemies spawn with 50 Armor to their name and I found them appearing in sequence allows for less lost frags. Good RNG with PU (Quad instead of Invisibility or Regeneration) as well as respawn after first death. Hard map to go deathless on.

DM11: Deva Station [0:01:04.23]

  Always same initial spawn near LG; no map restart forced, to see if I'll get lucky with enemy spawns near SG / teleport exit. Ideally bots are attracted towards dropped weapon in long hallway room with PG / tele exit from across the map & of course early powerup spawn is good too.

DM12: The Dredwerkz [0:00:58.26]

  Hard map personally, but best bots' behavior is when they're attracted towards main open room where the Quad spawns. Best initial spawn would be near RG room where you can take teleport to the BFG.

TOURNEY4: Vertical Vengeance [0:00:35.11]

  Map restart not being forced; same initial spawn, and only one bad Anarki spawn where he gets Mega, so any other spawn for him considered ok. Then it's all about good respawns across the map where you'd need to hit 3 MG bullets (3x7 meaning from 125hp enemy is close to 100 which he ticks down natually towards to as well) to finish with RG shot (100 damage).

DM13: Lost World [0:00:58.15]

  Best course of action as I see it, would be to spawn on top tier of the level, get LG & RL and frag bots on lower part of the map and prey for fast quad spawn. There are different bot behaviors on this one, but mostly they would be attracted to the RA.

DM14: Grim Dungeons [0:01:05.66]

  Case where map restart not forced to farm few frags around RL room. Pretty lucky with Teleporter usage as well :). Good RNG considered to be where bots are going towards RG. Pretty sloppy BFG in the end, but good RNG with bot spawns and behavior.

DM15: Demon Keep [0:00:52.85]

  Very lucky initial spawn near plasmagun and near the end - lucky teleport spawn too (teleport as an item gets you to the random spawn location, which could have been very far on the map, on rail platform for example).

TOURNEY5: Fatal Instinct [0:00:37.89]

  Uriel (and player) spawning with 50 armor, meaning you have to hit almost 2 direct rockets (2x100 damage) in order to frag your opponent on this map. Straight forward execution overall.

DM16: The Bouncy Map [0:00:41.98]

  Best spawn would probably be above jumppad to RAIL and having 2 bots spawn below you against each other, which allows for 2 fast frags. Then - its pretty much shooting range.

DM17: The Longest Yard [0:00:57.04]

  Good initial RNG spawn is when nobody targets you from the start and you are able to get few easy "kill steal" frags on enemies fighting each other. On this one you really dont want to be targetted by Major cause she has nearly perfect MG accuracy. Mid map consists of choosing your targets wisely, cause frags on them can easily be stolen by Major or someone else fighting nearbly.

DM18: Space Chamber [0:00:52.33]

  Map restart from menu always gives you same spot and 1 frag lead from the start (because one of the bot clients always will share same spawn location and appear first, making you tele-frag them).
  Then you'd want to Keel to spawn opposite to you on the left, because he's the only bot that goes towards you for YA->RG. Then you wanna go side ways to pickup frags wherever fights are going, but you also want to be close to RG and for it to be attraction to bots. Then with a lucky powerup spawn near 30s you have either RG/SG or MG to work with to finish the level fast.

DM19: Apocalypse Void [0:01:03.60]

  This one is tricky as there aren't optimal initial spawns - as in you can make it work with almost every spawn. Then optimally you want to make your way to the rail and get lucky with early quad spawn, and have enough rail slugs to finish the level. A bit sloppy but close to WR time.

TOURNEY6: The Very End of You [0:00:29.58]

  Shoutout to Berry for finding this route (https://youtu.be/kqnkAcxr2K4). Xaero won't hit you when you flying of the jumppads leading to BFG. From there on - ideally you frag or hit them with at least 1 BFG splash if Xaero spawns on other side of the map and finish him with rail shot. And for instances where he spawns on your side of the map - you quickly pick him off with BFG. Main resources also consist of 2 25hp bubbles and BFG ammo box which you need to pick up.