Quake III Arena () (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level] [I Can Win]
Run Information
Completion Date March 14, 2021
State Processing
Segments 26
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Q3DM0: Introduction
Q3DM1: Arena Gate
Q3DM2: House of Pain
Q3DM3: Arena of Death
Q3TOURNEY1: Power Station 0218
Q3DM4: The Place of Many Deaths
Q3DM5: The Forgotten Place
Q3DM6: The Camping Grounds
Q3TOURNEY2: The Proving Grounds
Q3DM7: Temple of Retribution
Q3DM8: Brimstone Abbey
Q3DM9: Hero's Keep
Q3TOURNEY3: Hell's Gate
Q3DM10: The Nameless Place
Q3DM11: Deva Station
Q3DM12: The Dredwerkz
Q3TOURNEY4: Vertical Vengeance
Q3DM13: Lost World
Q3DM14: Grim Dungeons
Q3DM15: Demon Keep
Q3TOURNEY5: Fatal Instinct
Q3DM16: Bouncy Map
Q3DM17: The Longest Yard
Q3DM18: Space Chamber
Q3DM19: Apocalypse Void
Q3TOURNEY6: The Very End of You