Project I.G.I.: I'm Going In (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level] [Normal] [0:39:14]
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Completion Date Aug. 5, 2020
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Runner OdDzBall
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Project I.G.I.
Mission 8 (Resupply)
difficulty - medium
mission completion time - 2min 45 sec

new discoveries:
1) warehouse glitch to climb out first area within 29sec
2) after destroying SAM, no need to turn off radar to show helecopter. i just reach helecopter spawn location. helecopter will spawn there but is in invisible form. mission will automatically complete when anya completes some of her messages.

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Level 8: Resupply [0:02:42]

> Found a new warehouse glitch to jump out of first area.
> SAM can be destroyed by guns, no need to get beacon from second area.
[SAM DAMAGE: Front pointed edge and crawler belt are weak points of SAM. It nearly takes 1.5x more bullets on strong points such as backside, antenna etc]
> No need to turn off radar. extraction helicopter will automatically spawn there after some time but is in invisible form.
> Just go to that location and wait for anya to complete some of her dialogues. after that your mission will automatically get completed with a strange no helicopter cutscene.