Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Hardest] [Arcade Mode] [Character: Tohno Shiki] [0:06:50.16]
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Completion Date June 27, 2020
State Published
Runner 'kazn'
Tag Arcade Mode
Tag Character: Tohno Shiki
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Run Comments

This game is a 2D competitive fighting game.
The console is PC (Steam).
I played in arcade mode.
The configuration options are.
Damage level:2(Default)
Timer Speed:Normal(Default)
The controller used is a Windows compatible Xbox 360 controller.
The character used is Fullmoon Style Shiki.
There are three fighting styles.
・ Crescent Moon style
・ Half moon style
・ Full moon style

【Speedrun measurement method】
・When you select a color on the character selection screen, measurement starts.
・When you KO with the last attack on the final stage, the measurement ends.
・Before we start, we'll open the options to make sure there are no issues with the settings.
・Show the GEMEOVER screen to see if the arcade has cleared.
・Each character has a prologue, a conversation, a victory dialog, and an endroll, but I'm skipping by pressing a button.

【About the time of this video】
The measuring time is 6:56.73.
This was measured by rules using LiveSplit.
The measurement details of each stage are as follows.

Stage1(Sion) - 0:39
Stage2 - 1:29
Stage3 - 2:13
Stage4(Red-Arc) - 2:55
Stage5 - 3:41
Stage6 - 4:32
Stage7 - 5:21
Stage8(Riesbyfe) - 6:00
Stage9(Osiris) - 6:56

TotalTime - 6:56.73

【About Archetype:Earth participation on the way】
・Archytype:Earth will join in Stage 7 halfway if you have perfect wins and Arcdrive Finish a certain number of times.
 If you are intruded on the way, it will cause a huge time loss, so fight as much as possible without satisfying the conditions.
 I do not know the detailed number of times for a certain number of times.
 But as far as I feel from a lot of fights so far, I think it is okay if the perfect win is once per stage.

 Q:What is ArcDrive Finish?
 A:ArcDrive is a powerful move that can be used when the gauge is in the HEAT state.
 KO with this special move is called Arc Drive Finish.

【Comments each stage】
From this time, I think I will use comments for each stage as much as possible.

・Stage1 vs Sion - 0:39
-In stage 1, the CPU is passive. Since there are many guards, you can attack a lot without worrying about perfect wins.
 If you have many guards, use throw.
 I have won two perfect wins in this battle, so you need to be aware of how many times you have won perfect battles in the following battles.

・Stage2 vs Seifuku Akiha - 1:29
-This fight was lucky.
 When becoming a HEAT in the half moon style, the red life gauge is restored during the HEAT.
 Also, if you give an attack during Heat, the auto circuit spark will be activated and the attack will be interrupted.
 This time, I started arc drive immediately after the heat so I couldn't recover.
 CPU Seifuku Akiha is a difficult opponent. I didn't get the perfect win.

・Stage3 vs Ciel - 2:13
-CPU Ciel is an easy opponent to fight, but missed the first attack because it was moved to the other side at the start.

・Stage4 vs Red-Arc -2:55
-Normal CPUs start with a jump knife attack (JC), but Red-Arc has a powerful squatting attack, which is awkward.
 Only Red-Arc creates a combo from Jump Punch (JB).

・Stage5 vs Roa - 3:41
-In order to avoid a perfect win, I was attacked in Round 2 and fought with minimal time loss.
 At the moment of the attack, I activated the manual circuit spark and aimed to interrupt the opponent's attack.
 However, because the spark range of the circuit is narrow, I could not hit the opponent and received a combo.

・Stage6 vs Nanaya - 4:32
-CPU Nanaya has a high probability of jumping right after getting up.
 In that case, 623C (skill when KO in stage 6 Round 1) is effective,
 but I intentionally used a jumping knee to prevent a perfect win.

・Stage7 vs Hisui - 5:21
-No attacks hit during Hisui's backsteps. Therefore, I gave damage using 623C.

・Stage8 vs Riesbyfe - 6:00
-Archetype:Earth didn't come in, so from here it's the normal way of fighting.
 Since CPU Riesbye is easy to fight, it will attack more and more.

・Stage9 vs Osiris - 6:56.73
-If you allow her to Arcdrive, you will lose about 5 seconds.
 You have to defeat the enemy's gauge before it becomes HEAT, but it will be a luck.
 Allowing arm Swing down attacks will significantly increase your opponent's gauge.
 If you repeat the 4 combo of JB → JC → JB → JC, you may be able to defeat the gauge before it accumulates.
 However, because JB has a short reach, you need to reduce the distance.
 If you get too close, a blow-off attack will be performed, which is troublesome.
 It is ideal to fight with the right chin of a huge machine as a mark, but it did not work due to lack of experience.

Each character has a fixed character that absolutely appears.
For Shiki
・ Stage1 → Sion
・ Stage4 → Red-Arc
・ Stage8 → Riesbyfe
・ Stage9 → Osiris

This depends on the character used.

I'm sorry, I'm a Japanese and I only understand simple English words.
All of this text was written using Google Translate.
Just in case, I wrote the Japanese translation.

--------------------------------(japanese Translation)-----------------------------------------



Stage1(Sion) - 0:39
Stage2 - 1:29
Stage3 - 2:13
Stage4(Red-Arc) - 2:55
Stage5 - 3:41
Stage6 - 4:32
Stage7 - 5:21
Stage8(Riesbyfe) - 6:00
Stage9(Osiris) - 6:56

TotalTime - 6:56.73






・ステージ1 vsシオン - 0:39

・ステージ2 vs制服秋葉 - 1:29

・ステージ3 vsシエル - 2:13

・ステージ4 vs暴走アルク - 2:55

・ステージ5 vsロア - 3:41

・ステージ6 vs七夜 - 4:32

・ステージ7 vs翡翠 - 5:21

・ステージ8 vsリーズバイフェ - 6:00
・ステージ9 vsオシリス - 6:56.73


・ Stage1 → Sion
・ Stage4 → Red-Arc
・ Stage8 → Riesbyfe
・ Stage9 → Osiris