Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [0:41:24]
Run Information
Completion Date April 8, 2020
State Published
Runner Sam 'Samtastic' Locke
Internal Comments:
Comment State Information Checkpoint None

This run was completed in a single segment but the game is saved twice to prevent a save corruption glitch.

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Run Comments

Welcome to my single segment run of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee any% with No Major Skips. This run manages to beat the segmented time without loads in 43:36. I decided to play this run on the French version. (More details later in the comments). This run was done on the PC version as it is faster and we can calculate thhe in-game time through Livesplit as well as the RTA time. I also decided to run on the French version as a French runner from our Discord chatroom popped up whilst streaming so I decided to play for the French version. Also, there a bug when switching foreign versions of the game where input for run and for sneak keys doesn't save in the configuration file. I would've run this game on the Italian version as LoStraniero91 was the first runner who got me running Oddysee but unfronately that version suffers with the bug.

Snce 2017 we have a dedicated Discord server to Oddworld Speedrunning and we had some new people ruunning the 3 main Abe games: Oddysee, Exodddus and New 'n' Tasty. In 2019, a Spanish runner LegnaX managed to improve the World Record by Maromuzic down to 44:44 in RTA. In his run, Legna managed to find some new strats which are way faster than the previous record holder Mariomuzic. This run included his new strats, plus some new strats that Ultrastars discovered! Since Legna hold the record, we decided to change the rules in the timing so now we have a game timer for all categories excluding any%. Basically with the new rules, I must save and quit the game at Scrabania (if I do Paramonia first) and Zulag 1 to avoid memory corruption. With the new game rules in place, an American runner called MarkTheWolf managed to beat Legna and was the first runner to get a sub 44 in-game time for any% NMS. Then, I managed to improve the World Record twice - once I had 43:47 and this run I improved down to 43:36 with only one unlucky death due to a Scrab in the Scrabanian Tmeple. And now since I beaten Legana at this category, he will beat me back at any% with the Christmas DDG strat that was discovered by Legna in 2018!

Most of new strats are at:
-Scrbanaian Temple
-Paramonian Temple
-Stockyards Return
-Zulag 1
-Zulag 2
-Zulag 3
-Zulag 4

I also need to thank Ultrastars and the Oddworld speedrunning community for finding most of the new strats! I will now try to beat Legna's record in a category that should exist on SDA and that is Maximum Casualties as there's a special ending screen and a bonus you get for killing as many Mudokons as possible, infinite grenades!

I hope you enjoy my run. You may also like to check out my any% run of Oddysee which is done in 10:47 RTA which beats the previous record by 1 second!