Penumbra Tech Demo (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [0:01:58.21]
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Completion Date March 15, 2020
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Runner 'FPSDemoSpeedruns'
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I'm pretty happy with this run. Have not been able to beat it yet, after quite a few attempts, but I'm sure 1:57 is at least possible with the route strat I've developed here. There are several tricky spots in the run, with the most noteable ones probably being the steam valve, the flying creature, and the gas can on the shelf. Making a sharp turn with the game's heavy mouse accel can also suddenly send your run to the recycle bin. As with all of my runs, they are viewable on my YouTube channel(FPSDemoSpeedruns), with frame-perfect timing/timers added.

Run time (without loads) - 1:58 and 6/60 frames.
Run time (with loads) - 2:19 and 27/60 frames.

Thanks for watching! :]