Sniper Elite () (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Custom] [0:48:27]
Run Information
Completion Date Feb. 5, 2020
State Published
Runner 'Skajdrovski'
Segments 59
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Run Comments

Difficulty: Custom (grenade blast: 20m, gravity: off, empty lung: 25, AI Difficulty: Easy, wind: off, posture: off, heart rate: off, instant scope: on)

7:47 - I did segment here because the truck is coming in randomly time, so the segment is just to get better rng.

11:14 - Quick-Save glitch apparently doesn't work with that body, that's why I've made ,,the animation collapse" glitch instead.

13:57 - I need to kill only one guy to move to the next step, the second is begin killed for being sure that the game started to the next sequence (Coming truck to pickup our agent).

21:05 - Slidy movement making me slow to exit the room (60 fps)

25:19 - I did slowed down by holding S for a second, otherwise I would slide (60 fps)

31:22 - I've missed that shot on purpose because I felt that tank was too close to me. Also the previous guys weren't that important to kill fast as the tank was moving slow.

35:01 - I couldn't kill all of the nkvd soldiers there because the objective glitches if you kill more than 2 enemies or get too close to them before first objective gets completed.

39:35 - A lot of missed shots there but it's not affecting the timing since you don't need to kill them all to make my team-mates move.

49:11 - They're not important to kill. I was just shooting them for fun :)

49:32 - the speedrun timer should stop here as soon as the plane scene appears.

Overall this run looks very clean despite my awful aiming which I cannot just improve honestly, also built-in mouse acceleration doesn't really make the aiming easy :)