Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Legend of (ntscus) (wii) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Zelda TP: Goat Herding] [0:00:15.40]
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Completion Date June 3, 2019
State Published
Runner 'Habreno'
Tag Zelda TP: Goat Herding
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Comment State Information Checkpoint None

Wii platform is mirrored compared to GCN platform. Outside of that, there are no version or platform differences that affect this specific category - while GCN has camera controls, they really don't come into play for this category.

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Run Comments

Very good time. Better can be achieved (TAS is down to a 14.05 at this point), but anything remotely close to this is incredibly difficult to do. There is little to be said about this that has not been said already. The goats need to cooperate and one errant move or false step can ruin the attempt. That it took nine and a half years for humans to improve by one frame is a testement to the execution level of the previous time.