Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Deaths] [Large-skip glitches] [0:10:11]
Run Information
Completion Date May 5, 2019
State Published
Runner Sam 'Samtastic' Locke
Tag Deaths
Tag Large-skip glitches
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RTA time for this is 10:47.99. Time starts when Abe hits the ground and time ends when Abe pulls the last lever at the Boardroom.

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Run Comments

Well, after 6300 attempts when starting fresh on this category with a new stream layout from last year, I finally managed to beat Legna at Abe's Oddysee any% and got 10:47.99 (RTA – Legna re-timed my run frame by frame and he said it’s 10:47.99) It was worth the attempts! My PC performance was better, I did the Christmas DDG with some new inputs I haven’t done before and managed to save some time in places where I lost time. In this run I managed to save some time in the Monsaic Lines thanks to a new discovery that Legna found on Christmas 2018 with the DDG. Now the bees are totally random as they decide whenever or not to make the run fail. They are more like the Crystal Ball in the Google Assistant as sometimes they will fly towards Abe and give you the wrong HP (the Crystal Ball would say something like “Probably not”) before the second phase happens and sometimes, they will! (This would be a “yes”! outcome from the Crystal Ball!) Now that I got this World Record, most recently, a very good runner LegnaX has manged to beat Mariomuzic’s world record from 45:54 down to 44:44 RTA. I now need to beat LegnaX at any% NMS. Legna also warned me that if I beat him at any% NMS, he will beat me back at any%. There will hopefully be an update run of that category by me coming soon!