Spore () (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level] [New Game+] [0:03:23]
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Completion Date Oct. 26, 2018
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Runner 'KinglyValence'
Tag New Game+
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Spore Space Stage individual Speed run.
Timing begins at control (HUD appears) and ends at the center of the galaxy cut scene (HUD disappears).
RTA 3:37
IGT 3:32, excluding loads entering and exiting planet as designated by the mouse cursor change.

Current world record since 31 August 2017.

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Run Comments

Welcome to this run of Space Stage NG+ in 3:23 on Easy difficulty completed 26 October 2018. The selected creature in this run has no History, as to have no archetype or other advantages that would have been unlocked during a separate Stage of the game. This run uses a custom space ship present but has no impact on the speed run. All other creations present in the run are default, Maxis made. There are two different runs for Space Stage as an Individual Level, referred to as NG “New Game” or NG+ “New Game Plus,” common speed running terminology. This run is considered NG+ due to using other locally saved Space games to help and assist the speed run. In this galaxy there is another saved Space game that has made Spice, the common trading commodity of Space Stage, and has dropped some onto a planet this run will encounter. This is something that must be performed ahead of playing the speed run and not something that all players have access to without manually doing it themselves. Also, Spore features wormholes which can provide quick travel to different parts of the galaxy. However, the connections between the wormholes are different per installation of Spore. NG+ allows for the use of wormholes and it is for these reasons, this run is separated from NG. Timing for Space Stage begins at control (when the HUD appears after the opening cut scene) and ends at the Center of the Galaxy cut scene (HUD disappears). Space is timed using IGT ‘In Game Time’ due to the random lengths of loads when enter and exiting planets. Exclude these loading times designated by when the mouse cursor turns into a galaxy. There are five loads in this run.
Immediately as the Stage begins, hot key ‘Y’ is used to bring up the communication panel between the player and the local planet. The game wants the player to go through a tutorial to learn how to fly the space ship. However, we decline to leave the planet. The first required mission of Space Stage has the player go to another planet in the solar system and discover a crashed space ship. The spice present on this planet is the spice dropped off by another save in the galaxy. This spice will be used to make an incredible amount of money to reach the center quickly. Quickly spamming the scanning tool on the crashed ship is faster than holding the scanning tool. The player’s ship is now equipped with the Interstellar Dive 1 it retrieved from the crashed ship and is now able to leave the star system. This required mission now wants the player to go to a nearby star system to intestate why the ship was destroyed. However, this mission does not take any fuel to travel between stars. Progression in Space Stage is all about performing missions and collecting badges. The Frequent Flyer badge is responsible for unlocking Interstellar Drives, which allows for longer distance space travel. Frequent Flyer also unlocks the Wormhole Key, which is required to use wormholes. Frequent Flyer badges are unlocked when travelling to enough stars, so we travel back and forth until the Frequent Flyer 3 is unlocked, then travel into the star system. Travel to the correct planet and scan the destroyed buildings just like the crashed space ship. Return to our home world to finish the required mission. Bring up the communication panel with our home world and sell the gathered spice. We will spend 3,150,000 Spore Bucks, “Spucks” in this run to buy the Wormhole Key and Interstellar Drive 2. The amount that spice sells for is random and is the only RNG in the entirety of the Space Stage but more often than not, selling will be successful. Close communication and head to the prepared wormhole. All wormhole connections are different per galaxy. It is possible to reroll your galaxy and get new wormhole connections by deleting the “Spore” file located in the AppData folder on your computer. Make sure to make backups of all your files! This galaxy was rerolled until a convenient wormhole connected to this particular wormhole exit as it is the closest wormhole to the center of the galaxy and required for this route. Once exiting the wormhole, driving deliberately is key. The player’s ship only has 20 jumps of fuel with no way of refueling until the Galactic Core. If the ship runs out of fuel, the ship will take damage and move very slowly. Near the center of the galaxy the range we can travel to stars is back to minimum, which is why we do not buy Interstellar 3 even if it is available. Earning Frequent Flyer 3 was solely to unlock the Wormhole Key. Driving through the Grox is not difficult but does take some practice. If the Grox’s pursuing ships shoot our ship it will travel very slowly, so travelling quickly is key. Continue driving to the Center of the Galaxy and click on the core to initiate the cut scene.  

Space Stage [0:03:23]