I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Easy] [0:50:05]
Run Information
Completion Date July 8, 2018
State Published
Runner Mihail 'horned' Petrov
Segments 19
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Run Comments

This is the third version of run (corrected misses and used new bugs also used advantage by
EASY difficulty level). As any speedrun, the goal of this run was completion every mission so
quickly as it's possible, therefore only necessary objectives were completed. In addition
I used one game feature - indirect running: simultaneous pressing keys of side running and
direct running (about 10% speed advantage). Also I took into account that running speed some
increases if current weapon is knife, grenade or nothing (It is game bug if drop weapon and
quickly press key with slot for this weapon. There are weapon name and "0" ammo images on screen).
Also if I drop extra guns then it increased speed (without dependence on current weapon).
So in the game I often dropped primary guns and pistols. There are no quick saves in game. So
There are a lot of tries to reach a goal in each mission. I often tilt down the head while running
for decreasing probability of hitting from enemy.


Level 1 "Infiltration"
According to objective I had to find other route except bridge. But I decided that crossing
bridge is faster. On easy level no matter when alarm is turning on so I chosen direct run and
droppnig all guns after attracting enemy on the opposite side (to open gates). At the end i
taken mac10 to fast breaking the lock.

Level 2 "Deep in the mines"
In this level I strived for same objective: don't cause alarm too early. For a whole level I used
a knife for saving time. Also I deceived the elevator. In addition second train was more useful to fast
end by bug - jump through a moving object.

Level 3 "The weather station"
Easy level is so easy at this level. There were a lot of enemies but they are slowly moving when
alarm actuated. For time economy I used a bug with tilted head.

Level 4 "Bridge across the Dnestr"
Here it was more difficult. More enemies. Using loud weapons was complicated by snipers on the
opposite side of river. So I made a difficult decision - drop m16 and glock. There was hard to survive
while direct running so I used tilted head and jump from door panel.

Level 5 "Ambush"
There were two objectives: to blow up the armoured car and to steal the chip. After these
operations it remained to expect before chopper came flying on evacuation point. (It was no time
dependence from main character). There was a bug with stealing chip through the texture.

Level 6 "Production facility"
There were a lot of enemies too. But this time area is easily visible and I was quickly detected.
Therefore safest way is through the roof as in previous speedrun and I decided to run and jump
above the central gate. This is hard way so it successed with fast time only once. There were
completed 3 of 5 objectives.

Level 7 "Border crossing"
Here I didn't use any firearms and kills. The direct non-stop route was complicated by chopper or
rather his 0.50 inches machinegun (for comparison the caliber of "awp" in counter-strike is 0.338
inches). It can kill from three shots. When chopper was flying behind it was continuously firing,
but there was no hits because bad angle of aiming. After full turn it can frequently hit, so
during approaching chopper I moved exclusively through bushes as a cover.I stopped in the last bush
and moved lying while chopper not cross the definite point. In this point I leave the field of
chopper view. After that I with no worry ran to last point.


Level 8 "Libyan rendezvous"
In this mission such objectives as to find guide, to take bomb and to make a diversion were
optional. I ran almost directly. I dropped primary weapon but took desert eagle later because
the noise needed to open gate. One of the easiest levels.

Level 9 "Prison escape"
It was alone level which longer on easy level cause their same slowness. I attributed it to hardest
levels. There was huge quantity of Arabs with uzi, desert eagles and a lot of snipers. Tactics
without alarm was not fit. They frequently hits, so I had to kill them
all who can prevent prisoner rescue. For quickly killing I purposely activated alarm at
beginning. by couple of shots from ak74 I directed two enemies outside to second door in order
not to break open it during 8 seconds. By this door I walked through the wall and fell down,
which saved more than 10 seconds. For time economy I used grenade. It killed about 10-15
enemies (I didn't count corpses). Also I had to kill two most dangerous snipers.

Level 10 "Priboi's Villa"
Main goal was survive. In spite of shortness this level was enough difficult (It is first level
where heavy guns like rpg7 appears). Direct run with using windows. Also texture bug at the end.

Level 11 "The airfield"
Main objective was actuating the fuel station as fast as possible. Timer at 3 minutes activated
after that. I used grenade which picked up in 9th level to kill one with needed gun, break
camera and lock of the gates with one movement. Also I used attracting trick to open gate.
Then I could wait this time and unhurriedly took ammo for .50 browning. But stopping of fuel
station by somebody must not be allowed. So I distracted them by loud shots. Also during this
time I decided to draw my nick on the wall.

Level 12 "Zaleb'S stronghold"
Now I acted as a machine gunner. This is longest level but easy because I was in the chopper
almost all time (It is no time dependence from me)

Level 13 "Showdown at he docks"
Shortest level. I used the bug with crane and with grenade at the end, which killed famous
character and his guards after animation.


Level 14 "Island assault"
Goal - preventing alarm actuation during all level. Otherwise mission aborted. I killed enemies
one after another, used grenades to max kill at once and watched alarm buttons. I used the bug at
end of the level which killed 5 enemies. It's working if attract these enemies from that position.
The Level was the medium complexity.

Level 15 "Air-strike"
Medium level. Main objective is indication on two anti-aircraft defenses in order to navigation
system of fighter could detect it. But it's necessary to approach every defense no farther than
50 meters and to wait not less than 20 seconds. Also for time economy I did not allow to detect
myself. Therefore I killed only two enemies, who spotted me. It was a required minimum.

Level 16 "The ancient temple"
It was a hard level. More enemies with ak74, rpg7, minimi and for the first time
appeared Chinese silent gun with fire rate of 1300 shots per minute (22 sh/second). Also they
have security machineguns with auto aiming. It would be much easier if I could shoot from a
distance. Probably not for nothing that .50 sniper rifle was given. But I decided to complete
level by simple assault even without deactivation security system.

Level 17 "Secret weapons Lab"
It was middle difficult. There were found out some glitches in this level so I reduced much time
by it. Strafe jump on pipes and using two grenades (animation bug which killed 10 enemies) allowed to
get 1:09 time.

Level 18 "Mission control"
This mission was the medium complexity. Several shots to 2 posts draw guards who open doors after that.
Also that is working trigger with cable from nonstandart position

Level 19 "The launch pad"
hardest level in the game. Hard strafe jump near the fuel tanks, jump off from second bridge and
clinging jump increasing difficulty, Also it was hard to reach final button alive in spite of tilted head.
But I got one try with perfect time.