Project I.G.I.: I'm Going In (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level] [Normal] [0:42:06]
Run Information
Completion Date July 1, 2018
State Published
Runner Mihail 'horned' Petrov
Segments 14
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Run Comments

This game has a lot of bugs and glitches. All bugs which reduce time run used in this run.

During whole run I used jumps with pressed side key which make time better about 10 percent.
Also jumps with two turns make a 2 percent more. In this version running speed not depends
on guns supple and current gun.

Level 1: Trainyard [0:00:39]

That is very hard to keep moving on fence especially if it turns. So there was a lot of tries
to do this.

Level 2: SAM Base [0:01:28]

Nothing special. Only direct run through points

Level 3: Military Airbase [0:03:47]

Hardest level. there was a lot of texture bugs, which not always working as I needed, also
hard to survive.
1- truck jump. This jump should be performed from very edge.
2- computer texture bug. Working only with broken computer. Also it was hard to jump off into
those beds by one movement.
3- door texture bug. Working only while sitting
4- tower texture bug. Rarely working at once
5- fence texture bug. High speed while falling allows to go into the fence sometimes and lose it, which
save health.

Level 4: GOD [0:04:19]

Main goal - don't allow your team to distract on enemies. I killed all enemies who can prevent team
moving in advance. Also timer to move main part of team starts when two enemies, which appears in
the distant warehouse, will die.

Level 5: Radar [0:02:00]

One of the hardest level (at least as I wanted to run it). First grenade hit one near the barracks
Second killed both on roof and on balcon. Third killed one on right side. Also aiming from m16 by
binoculars to fast kill. But hardest part of this level is the texture bug in the radar that is Very
and very rarely working from one try. Then easy texture door bug.

Level 6: Get Priboi [0:02:08]

There is not necessary to explode tanks. It was a perfect find with gate triggers. Then there is
door bug which required to aim from certain angle and distance to jump through it. Also ceiling
texture bug which allows to appear in second floor.

Level 7: Border Crossing [0:03:10]

Main thing is to reach trigger which starts truck moving. It is on line with small fence near the
buildings. I turned to the left when I reached it. Although i could reach it righter and faster, but
the Tank with powerful machinegun don't allow it.

Level 8: Resupply [0:03:14]

Very good luck that I found opportunity destroy anti-aircraft defense by usual guns. This object has
very much health but shortgun (closely) gives big damage, so that was nice shortcut.

Level 9: Missile Trainyard [0:02:36]

Near the building I fired one shot and made enemy to open door between rooms. Third grenade killed
guard near the computer. Fifth grenade killed one enemy in Priboi's wagon. So it's enough to appear
near Priboi to finish mission. The texture bug helps to do it.

Level 10: Defend Priboi [0:04:37]

Here same not distracting Priboi on enemies. Two mines killed enemies which spawn there and starts
tank trigger by death.

Level 11: Eagle's Nest 1 [0:03:51]

One of the hardest level. Hard to survive. Grenade is a good distraction for crowd on the second floor
At the end I used door texture bug to reach a roof and hard edge jump.

Level 12: Eagle's Nest 2 [0:03:19]

There are 3 different door texture bugs here. First one working only with opened door what I did while
running. Second performs by jumping with right side key on right wall. Third working if pressing
forward after jump at this position. Then jumping off and aiming to the right side of the corridor

Level 13: Nuclear Infiltration [0:03:05]

I won half-sec by using elevator with two buttons. Then texture glitch which allow to get roof. First
grenade killed one near the garage. 14 kills by snipergun and remains one in building from last grenade.

Level 14: Finding Bomb [0:03:53]

I used computer texture bug to get out from the textures. Then jumps to the edge position and big
strafe jump to the upper cooridor near the final room. Like as in 12 level I hit side texture of
corridor and didn't get any damage.