Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty! () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Hard] [Resets] [0:54:35]
Run Information
Completion Date April 29, 2018
State Published
Runner Sam 'Samtastic' Locke
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Run Comments

This year I have managed to get 2 new world records so far - Oddysee 100% with DDG and New 'n' Tasty any% Glitchless. This run is faster than my previous run as I managed to find a way to skip several cutscenes like I did in my glitched run.

The run went very well. I died a few times trying to jump passed the boulders in Paramonian Temple but a part from that the run was good. I done every bottle cap jump I could possible do and this run beats qwerku's RTA time and the new time is 57:15 which is a new World Record.

I believe a sub 57 is possible but I expect a no quikload run will have to be done for this.

For now, enjoy this near perfect run of New 'n' Tasty. I am now working on Exoddus 100% with Skips and hopefully I will beat my segmented time of 2:38:50 but that is SDA timing and with even newer tricks like new stop turns and quick portal closure glitches the run will be much faster than the current time on SDA.