Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble (eu) (gba) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Warps] [DKC3: Riverside Race] [0:00:10.50]
Run Information
Completion Date Feb. 3, 2018
State Published
Runner Jordan 'Greenalink' Greener
Tag Warps
Tag DKC3: Riverside Race
Internal Comments:
Comment State Information Checkpoint None

You did accept a regular warpless run for this stage. The SNES version forces the in-game timer to max if you used a warp barrel but that little mechanic was removed in the GBA release, allowing the player to get sub 11 seconds in-game time.

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Run Comments

After completing a version difference video of Donkey Kong Country 1 (SNES vs GBA),

I recorded some attempts of Donkey Kong Country 3's Riverside Race for the GBA version.

Turns out there are some notable changes.
The notes below are a huge factor to making this run:

* Holding the dash button when starting the level buffers a hairspin or roll.

* Dixie's hairspin loses its dash speed and doesn't gain a notable speed boost after taking out a single enemy, it does get a speed boost after taking out two enemies with a single hair spin.

* Kiddy's roll spam actually saves time

* Tag throw is no longer required to enter the warp barrel

* Using the warp barrel does not force the in-game timer to max.

* The in-game timer is a lot more accurate than the SNES version where you could get a faster in-game time by wasting 1 real time frame, just look at the SNES version and frame advance the video to get the idea.

* The exit point from the warp barrel was moved slightly closer to the left that you start at the end of the downwards slope.

If you are curious why the video looks super crisp, the run was done on a modified Nintendo DS phat model as it supports direct capture by USB. Although some players hate speedrunning GBA games on a DS phat due to the small buttons and slightly bigger D-pad, I don't have any problems with it.

This run is theoretically beatable like any other game, it is pretty much Dragster tier where most of the improvements are frame wars unless a new strat(s) gets discovered.