SoulCalibur II HD Online (ntscus) (xb360/ps3) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Easy] [Arcade Mode] [Character: Voldo] [0:00:47.48]
Run Information
Completion Date Oct. 12, 2017
State Published
Runner 'Tigger77'
Tag Arcade Mode
Tag Character: Voldo
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SoulCalibur II HD online is a remastered version of SoulCalibur II which was released for GCN, PS2 & Xbox each with a special exclusive character.

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Run Comments

******SoulCalibur II HD Online -Arcade- Voldo [0:47.48] PS3******
I'm very happy with this run as it is sub 50, which was my optimal
goal (5 sec on avarage per stage 1-7 + 15 sec Inferno).

~Tigger 77

Stage 1 -Taki- [04.01] Total: [04.01]****************************
  Excellent Taki fight thanks to good AI cooperation.

Stage 2 -Kilik- [02.74] Total: [06.75]***************************
  Best Kilik fight ever!!

Stage 3 -Charade- [03.56] Total: [10.31]*************************
  Charade blocking saves some important frames.

Stage 4 -Talim- [07.69] Total: [18.00]***************************
  The jump attack missed but good recovery.

Stage 5 -Maxi- [04.31] Total: [22.31]****************************
  The sidesteps help getting him to the edge of the arena.

Stage 6 -Mitsurugi- [05.02] Total: [27.33]***********************
  One of my best Mitsurugi fights ever!

Stage 7 - Yoshimitsu- [05.27] Total: [32.60]*********************
  Very good fight, the jump attack in the end worked perfectly.

Stage 8 -Inferno- [14.88] Total: [47.48] ************************
  Decent Inferno fight. He blocked a bunch but I got very lucky
  with the last form

Difficulty level: Easy
Fight count    : 1
Life Gauge     : 90%
Round time    : inf
Neutral guard    : OFF