Rumble Roses (ntscus) (ps2) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Easy] [Character: Sgt. Clements] [0:01:57]
Run Information
Completion Date July 6, 2017
State Published
Runner 'Tigger77'
Tag Character: Sgt. Clements
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Run Comments

***Rumble Roses Easy as Sgt. Clemets Single Segment PS2***

This run is the result of me having 1 week free time and only access to my PS2 games.
I was skimming through all my old games to see if there is the possibility of a not so time intensive run which could be completed in a short time.
Rumble Roses falls into the same category as Dead or Alive Xtrem Beach volleyball and
shouldn’t be taken to seriously ;)

I could not find a faster strategy as ending the fight with Sgt. Clements in 23 seconds.
The main problem is the AI, as they like to counter, block, or just don't allow for a pin to succeed.
To get 5 fights in a row with cooperative AI took more resets then expected.

I'm not sure how big the frame window is in order to perform the second quick head attack, from my mashing and consistency with it I would guess it's around 3-4 frames, maybe more.

This run times with 24 + 23 + 23 + 24 + 23 clocking a total of 1:57 only 2 seconds slower than a theoretically perfect run.
Now to hope that I will have time for real games in the near future.


Game settings:
Language                          : English
Video Mode                       : NTSC(60Hz)
Difficulty                            : Easy
Entrances                          : Off
Lethal charge speed          : Fastes
Humiliation charge speed   : Fastes