Rabi-Ribi () (pc) [Low %] [Single Segment] [Casual] [Post Game] [2:46:43.76]
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Completion Date July 1, 2017
State Obsolete
Tag Post Game
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I managed to improve this run with less mistakes and less grinding for money. Did a different early route. This is like 14 minutes faster compared to my previous run.

In-game time: 2:46:43
Real Time: 3:00:38

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Run Comments

In this adventure of 0%. A fairy is gunning everything down while dragging a bunny along for the ride.

This run felt surreal in its difficulty. I felt that a few early parts in the run were difficult, and then it slowly eases up. One particular thing during main game is that consumables cannot be purchased early on, because Rumi will force an item on Erina. But during Chapter 6, Cocoa is running the shop which is the only time consumables can be purchased. Another obnoxious thing in the run was the random spawns of the town members. Sometimes they are close, other times they are on the other side of town.

Post-Game felt like a sudden difficulty spike. I considered the Hall of Memory to be the hardest part in this run since there is a barrage of bosses and normal enemies everywhere. Plus they do higher damage, so I found it was better to quickly rush and evade through. Unfortunately, the buffs weren’t enough to last the entire trip. Once the buffs were gone, most of time was spent having Ribbon gun down enemies that I found to be significantly in the way since its really easy to get killed here.

Then after this, is the battle with Miriam. Even though Miriam can’t attack for a majority of the battle, the amount of health she has makes this battle really obnoxious. I needed to have all these Cocoa Bombs, donuts, and buffs in order to reliably kill Miriam in a relatively short amount of time. Otherwise, she’ll end up mimicking the Bunny Amulet several times, which can infuriately stall the fight for like 2-3 minutes everytime it’s done.

The game throws a boss rush in the Forgotten Cave II. I strangely found this to be easier than the Hall of Memory. Well except for the part at 2:32:11. I can tell how hard the devs were laughing when they did this. Then the Rumi battle occurs and I found this to be a surprisingly simple battle. She is cursed with instant death for her initial health bars, and her final health bar doesn’t feel like much when compared to Miriam’s. I don’t think the Rumi battle can be significantly sped up or even slowed down.

Then the game tries to increase the difficulty back up during the chapter 7 system interior II. I find this chapter easier than the Hall of Memory

The final battle with Irisu has her cursed for a majority of her health. Meaning it’s better to intentionally get damaged for those portions.

The part at 2:57:46 & especially 2:58:12 is as difficult as it looks. The part at 2:58:33 was also particularly difficult, I’m not sure what devs were thinking.

The in-game leaderboards informed me that other people have run this category, but I noticed that no one had recorded and published one. The biggest problem I had, was trying to find a route since it felt like I was essentially flying blind. I was surprised on where I ranked on the in-game leaderboards because I had no idea what to expect.