The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Resets] [Large-skip glitches] [0:03:49]
Run Information
Completion Date July 13, 2017
State Obsolete
Tag Resets
Tag Large-skip glitches
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About the run:
This run uses a 60fps cap(over 60 fps runners get unfair advantage based on PC speed).
It was done on version 1.0.
I choose the Redguard male race because it ia the fastest race to use due to the adrenaline
burst ability.Later on I also choose the steed birth sign due to the 20 Speed bonus it gives.
Clipping in Oblivion is simple.You walk into a wall and then as you are walking you quicksave
the game and return to the menu.Then you reload the save and while it's loading you hold down
the keyboard key you use to walk and by the time the game loads up you should be on the other
side;Because Oblivion loads your character first and then everything else.
I punch and fireball the NPC "Emperor" to manipulate him and get him to the positon I want.
After I exit sewers there a glitch with the hidden door in Temple district that takes me to the
final quest.Then I wait 10 hours and talk to Martin and finish the game.