Bully: Scholarship Edition () (pc) [100 %] [Segmented]
Run Information
Completion Date June 12, 2017
State Rejected
Segments 43
Internal Comments:
Comment State Information Checkpoint None

In-game time: 8:22:52
Real time: ~8hrs 48mins

Note: The in-game time displayed on the load screen is inconsistent with the in-game time when viewed in the stats menu. I do not know when they desynced or why. But near the end of the run, the time shown on the load screen is ~9 minutes ahead of the in-game shown in the stats menu.

The run uses an OOB glitch to unlock a faster method of travel (go-kart) earlier than intended.
The run also uses death abuse, twice, to save time backtracking/traveling.

The same run can be viewed here:

The encodes provided were self-encoded and won't reflect what will be uploaded to SDA, if accepted.

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