Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [0:02:03]
Run Information
Completion Date May 6, 2017
State Obsolete
Verification Thread
Run Comments

About the run:
Timing start when I click "single duel" and ends when "you win" shows on screen.
This single duel was completed in 2:12.
Like every card game this game depends very much on luck and good cards.
I lost in rock-paper-scissors but A.I. choosed that I play first.
My turn:
First card that i play is "The Unhappy Maiden" set facedown and I end my turn.
Set a monster card facedown and a trap/spell card.
My turn:
Activated a spell card "Tribute to The Doomed" and discard 1 card from my hand
to destroy a opponents monter card.The I summoned "Faith Bird" od the field.
Clicked Battle Phase and directly attacked A.I. and did 1500 damage.End turn.
A.I. turn:
HE did nothing. :)
My turn:
 I summoned UFO Turtle and directly attack A.I. with both my monster cards
for 2900 damage.
A.I. turn:
Again he did nothing! :D .
My turn:
I summon another UFO Turtle and attack him directly with all my 3 monsters and
win the duel.