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Completion Date April 28, 2017
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Runner 'PvtCb'
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RTA 10:55.54
IGT 10:24
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Not sure if Enhanced Edition should be listed as a separate game or what SDA's policy on pseudo-remasters is. Willing to talk about this in verification.

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Shoutouts to itsubitsu for finding save clips and Fearful Ferret for competing and pushing me to get sub 11:00. Also RIP AirNathan for being British.

System Shock: Enhanced Edition adds a few new features to the base game such as native mouselook, custom resolutions, and custom keybinds.

For the sake of transparency, here are my (relevant) custom binds:

set mlook_hsens 300

set mlook_vsens 30

bind ctrl+l cmd.loadsave default 1

bind ctrl+s cmd.loadsave default 0

bind y cmd.loadsave default 0

bind shift+y cmd.loadsave default 0

bind ctrl+shift+l cmd.loadsave default 1

bind ctrl+shift+s cmd.loadsave default 0

bind 0 cmd.hwicons default 9

bind 1 cmd.hwicons default 8

bind 2 cmd.hwicons default 1

bind 3 cmd.hwicons default 2

bind 4 cmd.hwicons default 3

bind 5 cmd.hwicons default 4

bind 6 cmd.hwicons default 5

bind 7 cmd.hwicons default 6

bind 8 cmd.hwicons default 7

bind 9 cmd.hwicons default 0

bind alt+4 cmd.altlantern

bind alt+5 cmd.altshield

bind y cmd.invpage default 0

bind alt+y cmd.invpage default 0

bind u cmd.invpage default 1

bind alt+u cmd.invpage default 1

bind alt+h cmd.ammotype default 0

bind ctrl+h cmd.ammotype default 1

bind alt+j cmd.throwgrenade

bind ctrl+j cmd.nextgrenade

bind alt+k cmd.usepatch

bind ctrl+k cmd.nextpatch

bind w cmd.centerview

bind shift+w cmd.centerview

bind alt+w cmd.centerview

bind f cmd.mlook

bind shift+f cmd.mlook

bind t cmd.setheight default 0

bind shift+t cmd.setheight default 0

bind g cmd.setheight default 1

bind shift+g cmd.setheight default 1

bind b cmd.setheight default 2

bind shift+b cmd.setheight default 2

bind tab cmd.nextwep default 1

bind shift+tab cmd.nextwep default -1

bind q rs.leanleft

bind e rs.leanright

bind r rs.pitchup

bind a rs.yawleft

bind s rs.walk

bind d rs.yawright

bind z rs.strafeleft

bind x rs.back

bind c rs.straferight

bind v rs.pitchdown

bind space rs.jump

bind up rs.walk

bind left rs.yawleft

bind right rs.yawright

bind down rs.back

bind ctrl+w rs.stoplean

bind ctrl+r rs.pitchup

bind ctrl+v rs.pitchdown

bind ctrl+space rs.jump

bind ctrl+kp8 rs.pitchup

bind ctrl+kp4 rs.leanleft

bind ctrl+kp6 rs.leanright

bind ctrl+kp2 rs.pitchdown

bind ctrl+up rs.pitchup

bind ctrl+left rs.leanleft

bind ctrl+right rs.leanright

bind ctrl+down rs.pitchdown

bind alt+w rs.stoplean

bind alt+space rs.jump

bind alt+kp8

bind alt+kp4 rs.strafeleft

bind alt+kp6 rs.straferight

bind alt+kp2 rs.back

bind alt+up

bind alt+left rs.strafeleft

bind alt+right rs.straferight

bind alt+down rs.back

bind shift+q rs.leanleft

bind shift+e rs.leanright

bind shift+r rs.pitchup

bind shift+a rs.yawleft_f

bind shift+s

bind shift+d rs.yawright_f

bind shift+j rs.jump

bind shift+z rs.strafeleft

bind shift+x rs.back

bind shift+c rs.straferight

bind shift+v rs.pitchdown

bind alt+q rs.leanleft

bind alt+e rs.leanright

bind alt+r rs.pitchup

bind alt+a rs.yawleft_f

bind alt+s

bind alt+d rs.yawright_f

bind alt+j rs.jump

bind alt+z rs.strafeleft

bind alt+x rs.back

bind alt+c rs.straferight

bind alt+v rs.pitchdown

bind shift+space rs.jump

bind alt+space rs.jump

bind shift+kp8

bind shift+kp4 rs.yawleft_f

bind shift+kp6 rs.yawright_f

bind shift+kp2 rs.back

bind shift+up

bind shift+left rs.yawleft_f

bind shift+right rs.yawright_f

bind shift+down rs.back

bind q cs.rollleft

bind w cs.climb

bind e cs.rollright

bind a cs.bankleft

bind s cs.thrust

bind d cs.bankright

bind z cs.rollleft

bind x cs.dive

bind c cs.rollright

bind space cs.thrust

bind kp7 cs.climbleft

bind kp8 cs.climb

bind kp9 cs.climbright

bind kp5 cs.thrust

bind kp1 cs.diveleft

bind kp2 cs.dive

bind kp3 cs.diveright

bind up cs.climb

bind left cs.bankleft

bind right cs.bankright

bind down cs.dive

bind ctrl+kp7 cs.climbleft

bind ctrl+kp8 cs.climb

bind ctrl+kp9 cs.climbright

bind ctrl+kp1 cs.diveleft

bind ctrl+kp2 cs.dive

bind ctrl+kp3 cs.diveright

bind ctrl+up cs.climb

bind ctrl+left cs.bankleft

bind ctrl+right cs.bankright

bind ctrl+down cs.dive

bind alt+kp7 cs.climbleft

bind alt+kp8 cs.climb

bind alt+kp9 cs.climbright

bind alt+kp1 cs.diveleft

bind alt+kp2 cs.dive

bind alt+kp3 cs.diveright

bind alt+up cs.climb

bind alt+left cs.bankleft

bind alt+right cs.bankright

bind alt+down cs.dive

bind shift+q cs.rollleft

bind shift+w cs.climb

bind shift+e cs.rollright

bind shift+a cs.bankleft

bind shift+s cs.thrust

bind shift+d cs.bankright

bind shift+z cs.rollleft

bind shift+x cs.dive

bind shift+c cs.rollright

bind shift+kp7 cs.climbleft

bind shift+kp8 cs.climb

bind shift+kp9 cs.climbright

bind shift+kp1 cs.diveleft

bind shift+kp2 cs.dive

bind shift+kp3 cs.diveright

bind shift+up cs.climb

bind shift+left cs.bankleft

bind shift+right cs.bankright

bind shift+down cs.dive

Additionally, I have Y bound to Mouse 5, Down Arrow to Mouse 4, Enter to Mouse 3, Shift+Tab to Scroll Up, and Tab to Scroll Down through Razer’s proprietary software that comes with their DeathAdder 2013.

As you can see, I mostly play with Default (Classic) controls, with a few key differences, mainly that a few keys are easily accessible at all times. The purpose of my keybinds is to make my save creations as fast as possible (pressing Y, Down Arrow, then Enter). But why?

Well, if you run into a 2D plane with something on the other side while crouching at high speed, uncrouch as you are about to collide with the plane, then save, you bump through the other side.

As for why this works, I need to dive into the game engine. System Shock is 2.5D, as in not 2D, but not fully 3D (like Doom, but more advanced and with Tiles instead of Sectors). Because of this, the game takes a few shortcuts when calculating things so that it would run faster on computers from 1994. For instance if you’re going very fast horizontally then add in a vector from uncrouching as you hit a plane your physics start to get a little weird because the game code doesn’t account for an action like that, and you get thrown (partly) through the plane you ran into. For the split second that the player’s camera hitbox is through the plane, you can see through a plan and even see unrendered parts of the map (which the game calls Inky Blackness).

Like Doom, hitboxes in System Shock are interesting to say the least. A common speedrunning tactic in Doom is to straferun into an object just out of reach to pick it up. This works because the game is calculating where it expects you to be as well as where you are and somewhere along the way things get jumbled up and you get something out of reach normally. System Shock is very similar, but one more thing has to be added to the mix: saving. Not saving and loading, just saving. The game expects your position to be on the other side of the wall based on how you’re moving and how the player’s hitbox in System Shock squishes when bumping something and throw part of your hitbox through the collision plane, but the game soon realizes that your snowman-shaped body is halfway through one side of a plane and halfway on the other side and snaps the upper half of the snowman (the camera) back through the wall.

Saving during the fraction of a second when your camera hitbox is on the other side of a plane makes the game assume that your entire hitbox is on the other side of that plane when it creates the save, so it recreates your save coordinates that positons your entire hitbox on the other side of that plane.

I need to take a second to stress that this doesn’t lead to out of bounds tricks. Inky Blankness constantly pushes a player back in bounds so one would need to constantly save clip fast enough to keep pushing themselves forward against the flow of the Inky Blackness. Such a feat is not remotely realistic for human hands. Pausing the game constantly would also lead to you making very little forward progress unless you do so for a long period.

With doors and walls with a tile on the other side rendered trivial to pass through, the speedrun is drastically sped up (compare this RTA time of 10:55 to my old Classic WR of 32:59 that I considered fairly optimized before I knew about this glitch).

As for those other changes I mentioned about Enhanced Edition, mouselook makes the game much easier to control. Gone are the days of constantly running into walls because you can’t turn quickly enough around a corner.

Anyways, enough of the prelude. Let’s get to the run.


The one mandatory objective on Medical is lowering the security % that SHODAN exudes over the floor to a level that lets you use the elevator to get to Research. It should be little surprise that with the exceptions of my starting area closet (where I grab a weapon, some dermal patches, and a Standard Access Card, and ignore the rest of the items because they just loudly beep at you and aren’t needed to go fast), some grenades, energy, and a Medical Access Card I will use later on Reactor Level, I head there ASAP. The Hacker is extremely out of shape though from playing on whatever the Internet is called in the future, so he starts to slow down very quickly if you keep him running. I pop a Stamina dermal to run like a cheetah for a while without having to worry about getting tired.

Using a save clip on the bulkhead doors, I can basically go through Medical the exact opposite of the intended way. Normally, being this underpowered around Cyborg Drones would lead to your death, but I have a pair of secret weapons: a lead pipe that the Hacker (in his infinite wisdom and foresight) hid away before his coma, and a Berserk patch. Besides making me see pretty colors, this patch makes me hit things with my pipe EXTREMELY HARD. For however long the RNG gods deem fit that I should see funky colors (anywhere between 10 and 90 seconds), I am death incarnate. I bash in the skulls of every Cyborg I see.

Along the way, I loot the bodies of a Cyborg Assassin and a Cyborg Drone for Pistol ammo. For whatever reason, if you loot these two enemy types at the start of the game first before any others, you reliably get Teflon 2 ammo drops, each with 20 shots.

The Cyborg Warrior guarding the computer nodes you need to destroy to lower security goes down with 1 Frag grenade. Did you notice that I was right next to the Warrior as he blew up? Well, as it turns out, splash damage in this game is extremely stupid. Hitting a thing (enemy, prop, etc) with a direct grenade makes the splash radius practically nothing; conversely, hitting a wall or a floor with a grenade creates a huge explosion that the Hacker will likely get caught in given the claustrophobic construction of Citadel Station.

I take a quick detour to get some jet-powered roller skates (they’re as awesome as they sound) so that my Hacker can clip through walls more easily and so I never have to worry about stamina for the rest of the run. I have “Toggle Skates” bound to 1 on my keyboard for easy access.

Anyways, off to the node room. Remember what I said about grenades and splash radius sizes? I deliberately miss the nodes so that the splash size is huge and that all the nodes (as well as a poor Cyborg Drone) are blown up all at once. Notice as I back up slightly after tossing the grenade. If I don’t do that, I will get hit with splash damage, making the next section much harder.

I grab a Pistol in the corner of the room before dashing to the elevator. For the next 3 or so minutes, this is my only weapon of note. Teflon rounds are really good with this thing so I really need to make sure I have some to use.

Anyways, time to escape Medical. SHODAN says that if I entered the CPU node room, she’d make it my tomb, and 90% of the time that prediction is spot-on. Getting out of here in one piece is all based on luck. Sometimes you take no damage. Sometimes you die instantly. Sometimes you get blocked by 4 Drones hanging at the top hallway. Sometimes a Drone is above you on the grav lift. You can’t even afford to fight more than one of the Drones at this point. It’s too slow and you don’t have the ammo for a shootout. Anyways, given the spawns I got, I should have died here. But I didn’t.

From a miraculous combination of the enemies delaying before they fired and me pushing enemies out of the way with my sheer force of will to survive, I escaped with around 15% of my health left. I make a beeline to the elevator when I see a Cyborg Assassin in my way. These enemies are unique in that they can turn instantly to shoot you so I kill it ASAP as I can’t afford a single shot hitting me.


Okay cool. We got past the reset luck grind point of the run. I run past the mutant nerds to hit a Cyborg Conversion switch then blow myself up with a frag grenade.

When you die in this game, normally you get a game over, but if the floor has a Revival Chamber (and you have flipped it back to standard restoration) you respawn there with a certain amount of health based on the floor you are on. This is a very important tactic for playing fast as it saves me travel time and I get health from dying. How awesome is that?

After popping out of my jelly mold, I shoot a mutant and loot it in hopes of getting a dermal. No luck. I get some grenades then clip through more doors I can’t get the access card to without a detour to get Isotope X-22, then head to Reactor.


Hoppers deal a very large amount of damage so I need to dispatch them first. Thankfully, Teflon ammo is very good against robots so this doesn’t take too long. I flip the conversion switch using the Medical Access Card I got on Medical, then clip through a sloped wall. An Autobomb explodes in my face but because of my positioning and my high health I can survive. I insert Isotope X-22 into a receptacle to power the shields around the station so that when I fire the laser later I blow it up (instead of Earth).

I dive into a radioactive tunnel, get shot in the face, override the laser safety settings, then blow up and return to the Revival Chamber with mostly full heath, then leave the floor.

Research 2

Again, I don’t have the access card I need on this floor that is required to progress normally, but thanks to the handy-dandy System Shock Engine, I can clip through doors that need it. I had a brain fart here and looted a Teflon drop because I thought I only got one magazine in Medical.

That second door I clip through is notoriously hard to get through as you have very little room to build up speed you need before you slam into the door.

SHODAN ambushes us here as we try to blow up the laser and gives a speech about how she is 2 steps ahead of me. Good thing I am 20 steps ahead of her and want to die here. I hit the laser, it goes boom, then wait for the dumb Cyborgs to kill me so I escape this room and go back to the Revival Chamber, at which point I leave the level and never come back.


You can’t climb ladders with skates active, so it’s handy to have them bound to an easy to reach key such as 1 like I have set up. I toss an EMP grenade against a wall to kill a Security-1 Robot (EMPs are fatal to robots but their only effect on me is to make my head spin). He was guarding the Laser Rapier, the single most broken weapon in this game. This is basically a pipe on steroids and shark testosterone and a whey diet. It takes a very small tick of energy to swing, but it deals a stupidly high amount of damage.

Armed with my new broken toy, I kill an Invisible Mutant guarding a switch that toggles a grav lift leading to a part I need to use to repair something SHODAN broke. These are nasty dudes that are hard to see in the dim lighting and they hit pretty hard; luckily, I hit harder. I use my muzzle flash as a light to see here (because turning up the gamma is for losers).

Anyways, I head to the area that I’m not supposed to be in yet to fix the thing that I don’t know is broken yet. I then get out of here.


This level is pretty long. You do a lot of running (or rather, skating) around doing stuff. SHODAN is cooking up a virus to infect Earth with and it is our job to launch her incubator into away from Earth. The thing is, she’s put safeguards into place to make sure I don’t do that. They don’t stop me though; they just slow me down.

I’m getting ahead of myself though. The first thing I do is kill the enemies that are on my travel path I will be using and flip the conversion chamber switch. I then head to Delta Grove, one of 4 (now 3) little gardens on Citadel Station for rich people to hang out and laugh at the poor people stuck on the rock below them. Coincidentally, when SHODAN started going haywire, those rich people tried to escape by ejecting a grove they were in like a lifepod, but SHODAN disabled their air. Idiots.

SHODAN has hidden 3 switches I need to toggle in the three remaining groves that I need to hit before I hit a switch that lets me hit the switch I need to hit to eject her petri dish into space.

Using a grenade and some plant mutants, I kill myself to get back to the Revival Chamber. I then get 2 1st Aid Kits and an Administrator Access Card that’ll save me from having to clip through a bunch of doors. Off to the next grove and another switch, and then another death and its back to the Revival Chamber. I head for the last grove: the one SHODAN is cooking her virus in. I get dealt constant damage while in here so I need to be very quick; additionally, unlike the other groves where a death respawns me at the revival chamber, a death in Beta Grove leads to a game over. I’m a beast though so that isn’t a problem. Before I leave though, I get the Magpulse, which is a very good EMP weapon.

I get off the grove then blow my face up. Using save clips, I enter the area that has the switch that lets me hit the switch I need to hit to eject SHODAN’s petri dish into space in reverse. Inside is a very tough cyborg “boss” that is completely unaware that I am there until I get right up into his hitbox. I can either stun him with Magpulse shots or hit with my lightsaber until he teleports away. Swordfighting is faster so I do that, but I miss a swing and take damage. I use a 1st Aid Kit to heal here then head back to Beta Grove. SHODAN throws some tough mutants in my way to try and prevent me from ejecting her toy into space. These guys can possibly kill me which wastes enough time to end a run, but luckily they don’t until later I hit the eject switch.

We are rewarded for our hard work with a CGI animation of the grove going out into space (which I somehow receive despite never picking up the hardware at the start of the game that lets me read emails). All of this was to get the elevator on this level to work so I can go to Engineering.


This level is supposed to be the longest (and most fun) level in a playthrough, but surprise, we skip it. What we’re supposed to be doing is a long quest to blow up relays so that SHODAN can’t download herself to Earth and then setting the station to self-destruct, but we don’t do any of that.

Oddly enough, you can get to the next level without doing anything in Engineering, but all but 3 tiles are closed off by a door that’ll only open once the station has been set to blow up.

Anyways, I get a small health stash then head for the elevator. I take some damage along the way (partly from bad luck, partly from playing mediocre). I heal to get back to full health which I very much will need. A short while later, I am at the elevator.

See ya Engineering. Time for Security.


This is supposed to be a gauntlet in a casual playthrough. A floor with no revival chamber and a lot of hard objectives that all boil down to extending a bridge to cross a mined area to get to Bridge (where SHODAN resides).

Yeah we skill all of that. The jump I do at 9:55 is discoverable even by a casual player. It’s finicky (especially without mouselook) but the game just throws it in your face as if saying “Hey, you can either have fun and enjoy some amazing level design or you can skip all that and end the game faster.” It really speaks volumes about the core design philosophy of System Shock, which is player agency and stories told through gameplay.

Usually how this jump works is that you get bounced around by the mines that sap your energy and enemies around you can take some easy shots at you as you try with all your might to get through the door before you die; however, in this run, all of the stars lined up in unison and I got this jump instantly without losing a single unit of power and barely any health. I can’t stress how unprecedented this is.

Anyways Diego tries to ambush us and we have to kill him and his friends to get to Bridge but we can just clip into the elevator.


Something shoots me as I get off the elevator so I get paranoid and use my 1st Aid Kit. It was a good call, because when I clip into SHODAN’s “throne,” the Elite Guard deal a ton of damage and I just barely make it to the Cyberspace Terminal.

The what?

Yeah, there’s an entire separate game mode for Cyberspace hacking. The speedrun never uses it except for the mandatory SHODAN fight at the end. It’s honestly pretty boring because it was streamlined considerably from the original design document into the barebones Descent thing we got.

By the way, I love that you can hack while surrounded by the strongest enemies in the game.

Anyways, I fly over to SHODAN’s core (which is a giant sprite in a world of 3D wireframe models). I have to kill her before she kills me. Pretty simple? Yes, but there are a few things to remember.

She plays with your controls as you fight her which makes landing a shot annoying. She also fills up your screen with static (representing her hacking the Hacker). When your screen fills up, you get a game over. Fun fact though: the screen filling up is tied to your framerate, which on modern systems is in the hundreds. This means that unless you have V-Sync (for 60 FPS lock) on, you die in 3 seconds.

But I digress. The point is that hacking sucks.

And that’s time. With SHODAN purged, the Hacker has saved the human race. But instead of taking a cushy job as an executive of the corporation he once spent time hacking, he now surfs the web as Super Hacker.

And this is the end of my run notes. I want to thank you for reading and/or watching this. At the time of this writing (May 3, 2017) this was WR by over 40 seconds. Hopefully this run will be able to stand the test of time and remain on SDA for years to come.

Until that happens, this is PvtCb signing off. Stay fast nerds.