Pink Panther Pinkadelic Pursuit () (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level] [0:10:58]
Run Information
Completion Date April 3, 2017
State Published
Runner 'wesen'
Segments 10
Internal Comments:
Comment State Information Checkpoint None

Probably the final IL update.

Verification Thread
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The Luxitania [0:01:22]
Thanks to a new trick to skip bombable obstacles this level was improved by over 10 seconds. 
Going through the guy who wants chicken can be done with two turn arounds instead of three. Other than that the level was played good.
The Construction Site, Part 1 [0:01:08]
A slight route change after stealing the toilet paper resulted in a 0,08 seconds improvement. This level had a few small mistakes but thanks to the new route was still faster than the old run.
Egypt [0:01:08]
I found a new trick in this level, you can go through the stone in the pyramid and thus skip getting a bomb.
Said skip was by far not ideal since you can land much closer to the stone depending on the position you jump from.
I also failed to instantly steal the key.
Finally I turned around a third time while going through the closed door despite having passed the barrier.
The Greenhouse [0:00:19]
I don't see much more room for improvement in this level. This IL was very well played and had a perfect plant movement pattern.
The Ice Rink [0:00:57]
Pink did never fall when going downhill after an even part, the route is optimised too in my opinion. Very solid level.
Dracula's Castle [0:01:11]
This level uses the same route like the previous IL but somehow I managed to save 0,08 seconds.
The Dinosaur [0:00:54]
Thanks to a route change the level completion time is mainly based on how fast you can prepare the first "meal" for the dinosaur.
For the second and third hit you have a little bit of time in which you have to wait for the dinosaur to recover from the previous hit. This way small mistakes do not affect the level completion time.
The stones are destroyed to instantly trigger the dinosaurs next action (which is eating the bomb and bone when it lies in front of its face).
The Construction Site, Part 2 [0:00:57]
No falling of ledges in this skate level as well. Saved a second by timing some jumps a bit better.
The Gangster's Lair [0:00:43]
Major route changes in this level. I use a new hidden door to teleport Pink to a door a few levels above.
Then I use a new damage boost, although not 100% ideal done.
Finally I use a new trick to skip Jack's Bar, I go up the stairs and then jump to the window near the bomb.

All in all I saved 15,76 seconds in this level due to the new route.
The Attic [0:00:41]
I jumped one time over the gap between the boss platforms which is slightly slower than falling and using the helicopter in air. Other than that the level was played very well.