Rome: Total War () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Easy] [Campaign: Greek] [Short Campaign] [0:03:11]
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Completion Date March 7, 2017
State Obsolete
Tag Campaign: Greek
Tag Short Campaign
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This run is just insane...

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This is my ROME:TOTAL WAR short campaign speedrun done in 3:09 with loads.
In my short campaign I choose the faction Greeks.They have the best position for a speedrun.
About the run:
The goal of this campaign is to be first to hold 15 provinces and outlast or destroy the
factions Macedon and Thrace.
1. turn: In the beginning I sent my spy to the town Corinth(40% chance to open the gates,so
I do not need to make a sidge).Then I select all army from town Sparta and attack Corinth.The
spy openes the gate and It´s a  win(I win all the battles with auto resolve).
I exterminate the population in Corinth to gain some money and to make the population happyness high.
I buy/train a diplomat in Corinth.
Next on I select the army from towns Thermon and Corinth and make a plan to attack Larissa.
In the east, from town Rhodes I select all army from it and send it into navy ship and move it
closer to the coasts of Thracians region in the north.From Pergamum I select army and sent it to the rebel
city northeast.Next I press end turn.
2. turn:I attack the town Nicomedia(rebels);no need for a sidge because it has no gates.I win
the battle nad exterminate the population for more money ( I need money for later to bribe with
my diplomat).I then attack the town Larissa and make a sidge.
3.turn: I win the battle with Macedons and take over Larissa(again exterminate polpulation).
Next I make an attack on Thessalonica nad make a sidge.Then I send my ships to the Thracian region
and move my army from shpis to land.
With my diplomat I bribe Halicarnassus and the rebels near that town,then attack with that army town
4. turn:I take over Thessalonica.And send same army to Macedonian town Bylazora attack it and make a sidge.
Then I attack the Thracian town Tylis.Also I attack town Sardis and occupy it and again exterminate population.
Last move of 4th turn is to select a diplomat from Corinth and bribe the town Athens.
5.turn: I win the battle for Bylazora town and uccupy it,and the faction Macedons are destroyed.
I attack town Tylis and win.Next I send the army towards town Campus Getae in the north.
6.turn:I just send the army towards north to town Campus Getae.
7.turn: I attack Campus Getae and make a sidge.
8.turn: I attack Campus Getae win take over the town and Thracian faction is destroyed and the campaign is completed.