Punch-Out!! (Wii) (ntscus) (wii) [Any %] [Individual Level] [0:19:49.65]
Run Information
Completion Date Jan. 4, 2017
State Published
Runner 'FrameByFrame'
Segments 2
Verification Thread
Run Comments
Firstly, huge thanks to all of the other IL runners for finding these crazy strategies. Zallard1, Klar, KefkaMayDie and 
others were a great help with these. Anyways:
Bear Hugger [0:00:26.70]
Neat little trick where every attack can be intercepted with a star for a OHKD. The difficulty comes from 
the fact that the windows to use these stars are incredibly small. This is the same strategy as before, just improved by 
3 frames. The 2:54 first knockdown is actually frame perfect, so unless it's possible to save a frame in phase 2 or 3,
this fight is pretty much staying where it is unless a crazy new strategy's developed.
Bald Bull II [0:00:43.89]
So no beating around the bush, this is pretty much the hardest fight to speedrun in the game. When Bald 
Bull returns in title defense, he can only be knocked down with star punches; a nice little nod to MTPO's Bull 2. In order
to even complete the fight, you need to earn six frame perfect stars, dodge three times within a two frame window and 
counter his uppercut within a three frame window. It can be agonizing to say the least, especially since you have to 
optimise every single other movement in the fight. I've managed to get a knockdown at 2:38 but just never been able to 
finish the fight after that due to how crazy this strategy is. I was 2 or 3 frames from a 2:38 knockdown in this fight. 
Regardless, I'm more than happy with this time, this is my first sub 44. This time can go down to at least 43.75. Good 
luck to those who'd like to try this fight out, you'll definitely need it.