Pink Panther Pinkadelic Pursuit () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [0:14:23]
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Completion Date Dec. 31, 2016
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Runner 'wesen'
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The new record is 15:01.

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Run Comments

Overall a quite good run.

Level comments (the numbers refer to the order in which I played the levels):

Level 1: No mistakes here, this level was played very good.

Level 3: No mistakes done in this level either.

Level 4: A few mistakes happened here:

1. Right at the beginning I needed to turn around two times to get through the box. It is possible to do it with only one time so I lost about a second at this part.

2. On the platform below the key, I failed to land on the small pillar which was a time loss of about 1 second.

3. Going back through the closed door after stealing the key can be done faster. Two turn arounds is possible, maybe even only one.

Level 2: Took the safe route near the end and lost 0,5 seconds at most because of it.

Level 5: A perfect pattern and good execution.

Level 6: Glitching through the stone block next to the beginning was slow and I lost 2 to 3 seconds there. Other than that the level was played very good.

Level 7: A lot of tripping, lost 0,5 to 1 seconds.

Level 8: Very good played, no mistakes here.

Level 9: No mistakes here as this level is only 5 seconds long.

Reach Level 10 door: This part was horrible. I failed the furnace glitch so bad that I lost 7+ seconds here. After that I was a bit demotivated which you might notice in the rest of the run.

Level 10: Got hit once and lost about a second because of that hit.

Level 11: Some small mistakes and I failed to jump from the bin to the upper platform once. Lost about 3 seconds in this level.

Level 12: Thanks to my slow furnace glitch I was able to stay calm here and got a ok time in this level. Some RNG based time loss because of the enemy blocking the way to the bomb.