Pathologic (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Character: Bachelor] [0:45:00]
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Completion Date July 21, 2011
State Published
Runner 'Vlad'
Tag Character: Bachelor
Segments 4
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I'm sorry for my english, I'm from Russia.

This is a speedrun of russian game "Мор. Утопия" known as "Pathologic" in other countries.

Platform: PC
Game version: patch 1.1
Character: Bachelor
Character: Bachelor
Category: segmented (4 segments), any %
Part 1: 00:17:16
Part 2: 00:14:34
Part 3: 00:07:45
Part 4: 00:06:15
Total time: 00:45:50
Ending: Bachelor's own ending
Date: July 21, 2011

If you want to get character's own ending, you need to have all your adherents alive and well. When you cannot complete the day's main quest, one or two of your adherents can get ill. You need to have "powder" or "panacea" to cure them. You can't enter into house if an adherent got sick. There are no adherent's deaths in Bachelor scenario if you cannot complete day's main quest (Vlad Jr. can die in 8-th day if you will make a mistake, but if You missed 8-th day's main quest, he will be alive). Some of them cannot get ill, so it's enough to have 4 powders or panaceas in any combination.

The best route I could find for Bachelor's ending: Georgiy -> Victor -> shop near Lara's home -> Lara (take her quest) -> Isidor's home -> Alexandr -> Yulia -> shop near the theater -> Vlad -> shop between two Vlads -> Vlad Jr. -> Plesnya (not sure about this name, you can get a powder here) -> Rubin (Victor's home) -> Georgiy -> Maria's home (sleep until the third day) -> Laska (get a powder from her) -> Anna's home (sleep until the 9th day) -> Anna (take her quest) -> Lara (get a panacea) -> Anna (get a panacea and sleep until the 12th day) -> Heal Andrew -> Heal Pete -> Heal Victor -> Heal Georgiy -> get to the Cathedral and tell about your (I mean, Bachelor's) decision -> get out of the Cathedral and wait for the end of the day.

The main problem in the game is hunger. It'll kill you very fast if you don't eat. That's why I included three shops in the route. But it's not enough, becouse it's impossible to buy food for 12 days. However, there is a way to survive. There are many water barrels in the town. If you have empty bottles, you can fill them with water and drink. Each bottle will reduce your hunger by 1 percent and increase your tiredness by 3 percents. During the first day's route you have to find 10 bottles in trash. The eleventh bottle character has from the beginning. It allows to drink them 3 times. Hunger is reduced by 33 percents, but tiredness is about 100 percents. It means you have to sleep after that, becouse tiredness can kill you totally like hunger. When you sleep, time goes very fast, so you have to sleep when you can sleep. By the way, if you use an analgesic at bedtime, your health will increase while you are sleeping - that's why I didn't sell analgesics in the first shop. The fastest way to beat the game is to sleep at somebody's home having a water barrel nearby. I've chosen Maria's home becouse it's the closest suitable home near Georgiy's home (the end of the first day's quest), but it's also possible to use Eve's home (her home is opened even after... Ooops, spoilers... I mean, after the seventh day). After the third day I used the Anna's home becouse it's much closer to Laska, MUCH closer to Andrew and Pete, there is a barrel near her home and I had to take her quest on the ninth day anyway. But there is a problem: Anna is the Devotress' adherent, so she may get sick (randomly). I guess this route is the best to find 4 medicines, but there is a little chance to find 40 needles, nuts, lenses or something and exchange it to the powders. Little girls VERY rarely have powders and are ready to exchange it for 10 needles. If you are going to "speedrun" the game this way - good luck! You'll need it. I guess it's possible to survive fithout food and using only water barrels, but it'll be much more difficult and slower, becouse food doesn't force you to get ot of the home and go to the barrel. Bread is the best food in this game: it costs half the price of fresh meat/fish, but it decreases hunger at 24% (fresh meat/fish - 25%).

Little tricks:
The main trick is diagonal movement: it's slightly faster to walk with "W"+"A" or "W"+"D" then simply forward. There is no run mode in this game.
You may get three food items (random combinations of bread and milk) near Nina's Crypt.
When you wake up after midnight, screen stops for a second, but this second can be used blindly because You can control Your character.
When you are sleeping, you may move cursor to the right place, so you can save about a second when you wake up and open inventory.
It's possible to jump over the railing of Victor's and George's houses. It may save few second. I didn't use this trick here because I found this trick later and I couldn't beat my first time even with this trick.
As i know, the game can't end when you are in the Cathedral in the end of the 12-th day. Game will be over after midnight of the 12-th day after exiting the Cathedral and after time change (1 in-game minute = 5 real seconds, but sometimes, maybe due to the bug, time is slower). As you can see, I finished my second speedrun when in-game time was 0:06 (13-th day). I may be wrong about that.

I made few mistakes, but most of them due to the engine bugs. There are LOTS of bugs in this game! The worst bug I met is "sticking". Character may stop suddenly when he/she goes near walls or some objects. Sometimes it's possible to unstick your character just looking around, but sometimes you need to jump. You will lose about a second anyway. Another ugly bugs are "unfinished loading" (game starts when not all objects are loaded) and "slow town update". Both of them looks like freezing. Anyway, I think, all my mistakes are non-critical.

Unfortunately, I know nothing about differences between original (russian) "Мор. Утопия" and "Pathologic" versions (except the language, of course). Maybe there are some logical differences, fixed/new bugs or something else. I'd like to play it too, but it's not so easy to buy it.

I would like to thank:
Thanks to all SDA team for this awesome site!
Special thanks to Ice Pick Lodge studio and personally Nikolay Dybowskiy for this awesome game and Igor "Halfgild Wynac" Pokrosvky for his guide!
Thanks to Simo Vihinen and other verifiers!
And thanks to YOU for your interest!